Saturday, September 25, 2010

One Lazy Day, Please

I realized that I've been cramming my days off with "things that need doing," like painting and cleaning and planting and recycling and canning and biking and mowing and bailing out window wells. Back and forth to the other side of the duplex, up and down various basement stairs, my knees are killing me today, maybe I should make today a lazy day. I have some things to return to the library and need to stop to see Mom (with a jar of pepper jelly in hand) but other than clearing out the painting supplies next door I think I can take a day to put my feet up. I'm not very good at lolling around anymore but I'll take a stab at it. Wish me luck!

September 24--Nariva Swamp, Trinidad. The water lay like glass between the reed beds and the hot tropical sun played peekaboo behind puffy white clouds. Shay paddled her canoe along as quietly as she could so she didn't spook the birds or attract any gators that might be lurking in the swamp. Why had she let Jeff talk her into this? She could have been on a dive or kayaking off the resort or even sleeping in. But no, she had to come canoeing with him and not on a serene and picturesque river with orchids handing off the trees, they had to be on a sun-blasted swamp with no breeze surrounded by grass so sharp it really earned the term blades. It was pretty and quiet, she'd give Jeff that, but it was far from something she'd expected to do on a vacation much less her honeymoon.

Jeff is not going to be a happy groom, I suspect, at least for one day. And that fills up the notebook, time to crack open a new one. Enjoy your day!

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