Monday, September 27, 2010

Startitis Isn't A Disease It's A Condition

I'm weak. I think we've established that here, here, here and here. The wanton expenditure of my "mad" money until all I've got left is a little "out of sorts" money has happened time and time again, but it makes me feel so good that I don't try to stop. I just refuse to use a credit card or check for any of it. If the green's not in my wallet then there's no buying happening. Works for me.

I was very intrigued by Karla's scarf the other day. She used Debbie Mumm's Traditions yarn which JoAnn's has discontinued. (boo!) I found a skein of green and one of brown at JoAnn's the other day but no others. I did find a few people on Ravelry who have single skeins that they're willing to sell so I've got messages out to them, and have heard back from one of them so I'll get that $$ Paypal-ed off tonight. Back to Karla's scarf. She has a stitch-a-day calendar (I think she said) and picked out the Purse Stitch, cast on 24 stitches on US 10 needles and knit, well, purled actually, away until it was as long as she wanted it to be. I loved the shiny greenness of it. I cast on one with US10 3/4 needles (because that's what I grabbed) and Patons SWS (because I was drawn in by the russet). First I cast on 24 stitches and knit about 6" worth but it was too wide, so I frogged it. Then I cast on 12 stitiches, but that was too narrow, back to the frog pond. Now I've got 16 stitches and it's ju-u-ust right. (You can call me Goldilocks. Teehee.)

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