Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall - Love it!

Fall has got to be my favorite time of the year. Yesterday was a perfect day -- blue sky, warm sun and nip in the air that makes you feel alive. Horseback riding weather, I always say. When I was a kid my friend Laurie and I use to ride all day. The horses, Sugarfoot and Ginger, would be snorty and frisky. Starting out early in the morning the world was ours to explore. Once, when we were down by Reelfoot lake a small girl, about five or six years old,  ran out of a camp yard toward our horses, her mother right behind her yelling for her to stop. I offered to give her a ride and once the girl was settled in my lap slowly walked Ginger around the campsite. The mother thanked me -- first in her language, and then in English. It was my first meeting with Gypsies. 

Barbara, thank for letting me join your blog writing. Here's to good, no great writing at The Clearing and abundant writing in November NANO. 

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