Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Welcome, Roi!

I disbanded the writing group this week. Don't be sad, it was time. My writing has taken a different tangent and for right now a group didn't seem to fit my needs. I've really loved it, it's been a fixture of my week for, oh lord, over ten years. I was the sole remaining original member.

My friend, Roi, who kept me going through NaNoWriMo last November (I did the same for her) asked to be on the blog and posted for the first time today. I'm thrilled! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

I had a very busy day still working hard in the rental unit cleaning, and I mowed the lawns too, finishing just in time before the sunlight went away. No headlight on the lawnmower. (That's my excuse for not having posted until now.) Look, writing!

September 27--Mentawai Islands. "This must be what the beginning looked like," Derek said. The reverent look on his face and the hushed tone of voice might make a listening think he was having a religious experience. He was, in a way, just not in a church. He stood in the line of palms thick on the white sand beach staring out at the waves marching toward him in never-ending ranks. The air was filled with salt mist blown in on the onshore wind and the weight of the crashing waves made the ground tremble. Word of the surfing in the Mentawai Islands near Sumatra had raced around the globe drawing board fanatics from all over. Derek had used nearly every penny of his graduation money tom get to that spot. Now he was ready to ride the ultimate break with the best. He kicked off his sandals and waded in.

Man, oh man, I could sure use a swim right now. That's one thing I miss not having a pool. It was the perfect place to plunge into when you were hot and sweaty and tired. Ahhhh. Guess I'll take a shower. I stink.

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