Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Jelly Day

Today was the day Mom and DS and I made pepper jelly. Mom provided the sugar and washed the jars--and it's her recipe. I provided the peppers, vinegar, Certo, jars, and the venue. DS chopped, stirred, lidded & ringed, and provided lunch. It was great. We laughed and teased and talked the morning away.

While we made jelly, Durwood picked his raspberries. It has been a good year--if you like raspberries and he loves 'em.

We got a pizza from Papa Murphy's and while it baked Mom helped DS figure out how to knit on a Knitting Nancy to make a cord to hold up his kilt hose. I forgot to take a picture, darn it.

But I did take a picture of one of the little bread boules we made. I bought this book last year and tried making bread but didn't have enough white flour and was too lazy to go get so
me so I substituted quite a bit of rye flour. Not the same thing at all. DS and DIL borrowed the book a while back and have become bread making fools so I found the basic recipe online, copied it off, and whipped up some dough. Today while DS was over I asked him to show me how they make it. We made two half-boules and I sent one home with Mom. There's nothing like fresh-made bread.

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Aunt B said...

What a great day you had! Wish I could have been part of it. Love the pictures. But then I always do!