Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Mother's Day!

Oh, I know it's not really but today DS is picking me up to take me to lunch and out to the zoo to feed the giraffes. It was the plan for DIL to come too but he's been crazy-busy at his new job and now she's got a crazy-busy new job and they seldom if ever have the same day off. To be honest I'd be reluctant to usurp any of their scarce alone-time anyway, so I'm going to be happy with lunch today with him and figure out another day to have lunch with her. Oh no, she's not getting out of having lunch with me that easy!

September 20--Rarotonga, Cooks Islands. It seemed a shame to make footprints in the smooth sand. Dana swam in until she was in three feet of water and then stood up. The gentle surge made her sway a bit before she vented her buoyancy vest and settled firmly on the bottom. Her dive buddy Bob swam up and stood nest to her. They both pulled their masks down to hang around their necks and supported each other while they slid their fins off. The sand made it easy to walk to shore, much easier than some of the rocky exits at home in the Great Lakes. "Can you see our stuff?" she asked. He laughed and tugged on her hand. "You're always so hungry after a dive. You cost me more in food than airfills." She scooped up a handful of water and flung it at him laughing. "Just be grateful you can keep me happy with a sandwich and a tank of air. I could be one of those women who craves jewelry and five-hundred dollar shoes." She grabbed his free hand and tugged him onto the beach behind her. "Come on, let's eat and then do a second dive." Bob followed her willingly. He was glad that she was the way she was. She was a whole lot less complicated than a lot of the women he knew.

Ah, diving. I'd like to be diving today but I'll gladly settle for getting my hands full of giraffe spit out at the zoo.

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