Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bring On The Wind

A cool and windy day, hooray! I have to mow de lawn later and will really enjoy my walk out there in all the wind. It's overcast too and I'd rather have sunny and windy but this'll do. Wow, I just noticed that the road building a block away is very noisy today. Sounds like they're pounding or shaking something really big. I'm glad I've got that block between me and the source, it'd be unbearable to be right next to it. Looks like they're getting close to being finished, maybe another month. It'll be a relief to have it over and have Military Ave. get back to normal. I can't imagine how the businesses along it have managed to stay open these last few months because people have avoided the street like the plague because it was such a mess.

September 6--Sveti Stefan, Montenegro. From the causeway that linked the island to the mainland it looked like there wasn't a square foot without a house on it. "Funny looking resort, isn't it?" said Hi! I'm Warren out of the corner of his mouth. "I'm a wait-and-see kind of person," I told him. "I'll reserve judgment until we get there." The robin's egg blue colored bus we'd been riding in for the last week lurched and coughed its way across the narrow causeway nearly scraping the stones as it passed. I was glad when it shuddered to a stop at the city wall and Gregori the driver with the big black mustache opened the door. Cool air scented with cedar and lake water flooded the stuffy bus. I was first on my feet to get out into the watery sun of the ancient town.

Well, that's not bad. I wish it were longer but I'm satisfied with it. Is anybody else writing or am I the only one?

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