Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You Wish...

you had been at our house for supper last night. I took an eggplant, green and yellow zucchinis, a box of crimini mushrooms, and a big, sweet onion, cut them up and marinated them. I also diced up some chuck steak and marinated it. Walmart had fresh asparagus on sale so we got some of that too. I fired up the grill, charcoal not gas, and grilled it all. We'll skip the eggplant the next time and subsitute a bell pepper, but it was delicious. Hard to weigh the meat per serving, I ended up just guessing, but oh so good.

I've been trying not to knit all the time, to concentrate on my writing more an
d not having a huge amount of success but I've got a new story to work on, the first read-through of my novel done and I started on the first rewrite. More will happen on that this weekend. I have done a little playing with yarn.

I'm slowly working down the foot of Neon Sock #2

and I dug out another pair of washcloths
to turn into a hotpad.

Oh! While I was downstairs to get the washcloths last night, I emptied the dehumidifier and there was a dead mouse or vole (I think it was a vole) either in there or in the deep sink and it got stuck in the drain and I had to fish it out. Uck uck uck. Creeped me right out. Dis. Gusting. And I had so much fun watching a live one forage for spilled birdseed only yesterday afternoon. See? Raul IV is in the yard, DIL. (Leaf in pic for perspective, also I didn't want to scare him off.)

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Abigail said...

Yay Raul lives again! Just don't tell Don! He doesn't appreciate the Raul's like I do. Try to keep him alive until May 5th so I can meet him too! Thanks for the photo!