Saturday, March 27, 2010

Writing Away

Oh, this is great. It's a whole weekend of Quiet Writing Time. I got all my 2010 prompt writings read through and saved the ones that have possibilities into Word docs, I even found a few that relate to each other making each one better, and I plowed farther into my novel manuscript, getting more scene cards filled out. Even if I do nothing more with the cards, I've found places that need elaboration or expansion, and where new scenes need to be slotted in. I'm already turning last night's writing exercise into a story. We took a nice walk down to the lake this morning after an early breakfast. Then we did another exercise before separating to our rooms for more writing. It's all good.

March 26--Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia. Like a bright green carpet the grass stretched into the distance toward the spikes of fir trees on the horizon. Moira saw the clouds sink to shroud the tops of the distant mountains and hoped they didn't keep coming. Right now it was sunny and a little warm. Just right for hiking. She had unzipped her fleece jacket and pulled off her hat. She was comfortable, not too hot, not too cold, and her hiking boots were perfectly broken in. She did not need any of the famous Pacific Northwest rain to soak into her clothes and turn her day into a sodden mess. The stream winding its way toward her was shallow and narrow, just barely too wide to leap across with her short legs, and tinted royal blue by the sky. The water was flat as if it weren't moving and it was punctuated by small rocks that stuck up looking like notes on a scale playing the tune of nature.

Well, I descended into trite, but I got the idea about the rocks being musical notes on the page anyway. Maybe some other day in some other story that will have matured into something usable. Write on!

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