Thursday, March 4, 2010

Today Is...

the first of my four days off in a row. Ahhhh. My brother came through his surgery very well yesterday and is already up and in the shower. Fabulous news! And Durwood is packing to go to a local motel for an overnight escape. He'll walk the mall, buy a new pair of shoes or two, troll Sam's for samples, and eat all the wrong things at a buffet tonight. We do this every few months since he's been retired and home all the time; neither of us is used to that yet and this gives us a little "togetherness" breather. I'll say it again: ahhhhhh.

March 3--Taha'a, Tahiti. The crossed palms grow right at the edge where the warm, clear sea laps at the sugar white sand. Ruby loves this place, the spot where all the elements she loves converge into one, where the line between land and sea, between air and water blurs. In this one place on the island she feels the shiver of being part of two worlds. All her life, Ruby has sought a place like this, somewhere where everything is a part of everything else, where worlds overlap and time slips aside and she can just be. Here is where she sings her songs and tells her stories to the wind, where the cold blue stars dance across the sky making peace with the night.

Poetic, and I like it. It feels good. Enjoy your Thursday!

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