Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's Saturday and I'm Bored

I want to do something today and I don't know what. It's too chilly out for a trip to the zoo or wildlife sanctuary or botanical gardens. I don't have the money to go on a shopping spree. Durwood and I are considering going to the museum (they've got a spider exhibit) but it'll have to be after noon because there's a "tea party" at a park near there. Maybe I'll take a shower and then... clean the bathroom? Knit? Sew a bigger DPN roll? Flop on the couch and pout? Spring fever, anyone?

March 19--Komodo Island, Indonesia.
The sky was white in the midday heat. Asturia as still on the porch; she appreciated the deep shade and wished for a breeze. She felt the humidity gather at the back of her neck and behind her knees. If there had been any air stirring it would have cooled her but as it was she felt breathless in the heat. It was maybe a dozen steps from where she sat into the sea, a step or two off the porch and then across the pale tan sand and into the water. This time of year the shallows were so overheated by the relentless sun that it was like sinking into a large salty bath, not refreshing, not cooling, not worth the effort. Maybe she could get Juan to get up and turn on the ceiling fan. She would endure the rhythmic squeak of it in exchange for moving air.

What are Asturia and Juan doing on that god-forsaken island? Dunno.

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