Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Now It Gets Warm?

It's supposed to hit the 70s by Thursday. It couldn't have done that last week? I'd have been satisfied with a graceful fade from that lofty height, not that I hated the sunny but chilly weather last weekend, but warmer would have made it a bit, well, more comfy walking along the riverwalk. Just sayin'.

It was a rare treat to arise without the assistance of the alarm clock this morning. I'd prefer to get up before 7:00 because then I have more of the day available, but just waking up in my own time is nice too. The street sweeper is making his fourth pass of the morning. Seriously? How dirty can the street be?

March 29--Barbados. The wind was blowing like crazy and the coconuts were falling like bombs. They were so unexpected to someone used the biggest things falling from trees being pine cones. In the Midwest, trees don't grow their own ammo that they toss at you whenever it suits them. Gale lay in the hammock strung between two palms outside her rental villa for all of about a minute. She had climbed aboard with a paperback intending to spend a few hours reading and resting but one look up and her plans changed. She didn't believe for one second that none of the big coconuts clustered way up there under the fronds would not fall. She knew that the wind would blow and the fronds would sway and at least one of those things would come screaming down to land right on her. She lounged on a chaise on the porch and was much more relaxed listening to the irregular plop plop of the gigantic nuts in the sand.

Not exactly what I had in mind, but you get the picture. Have a good day. We're going erranding, Aldi has pineapples for $2. Who can resist?

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