Monday, March 8, 2010


A bunch of the knitters went to the zoo yesterday. I convinced them that we needed to feed the giraffes--my favorite thing.

Writing this weekend? Not so much. I resolve to do better this week. I fell asleep in mid-prompt last night. Guess a 2 hour stroll around the zoo in the sunshine and spring air is tiring.

March 7--Kagoshima, Kyushu, Japan. She never expected to see palm trees in Japan. In her mind Japan was temperate not tropical, not hot enough to grow luscious crotons and prehistoric cycads in the heat and humidity they needed, but there they were. The hillside about the town was full of the lush green of the palms and the shocking yellow of the crotons' leaves. She had packed the wrong clothes. It was hot, hot and humid. She wanted shorts and all she had were jeans.

And that's when the pencil point went skating along the page making scribbles over the already-written words. I barely remember putting the notebook and pencil on the nightstand and turning out the light. Have a Monday.

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