Monday, March 29, 2010

Back Home

Well, the weekend was short but productive and very relaxing. I think the best part is not having to be concerned about what anyone else wants to do. Lala and I have an agreement; we meet for meals and maybe a walk in the morning, an exercise or two sometime in the day just to oil the skids, but the rest of the day we do what we want--nap, write, walk--whatever we want to do when we want to do it. It's great to have another writer to bounce problems off of at meals. We spent a bunch of time working on a timeline for Lala's story and by yesterday lunchtime she had fixed the problem and finished the story. That made both of us feel great. She helped me let go of a great whack of backstory at the beginning of my novel; getting rid of that let me get started working my way through the second read-through and beginning the first rewrite. I know one thing, Babums and Lala will be back at the Harbor Winds next March for another highly productive weekend.

March 28--Bora-Bora. It had sounded so romantic on the website and it looked perfect. Nell never imagined that the walkway out to the over water bungalows would sway, or that she would be gripped with an almost paralyzing fear when she walked out to their room. The bellman who escorted them was not a small man and Nell's imagination kicked into overdrive. She couldn't erase the mental image of the boards splintering under him and all three of them plunging through the jagged hole. It wasn't even that they were so high above the water of the lagoon; it was six feet at the most. And the sea water under the walkway was crystal clear and less than two feet deep. So her fear couldn't be because of that. It was one of those baseless and unreasonable fears. Naturally she had requested the bungalow furthest from shore. Kent thought she wanted to stay in the room all day to have sex, when really she wanted to keep having sex to avoid having to walk on that rickety walkway. Thank god for room service.

Hmm, isn't that an interesting tangent? Enjoy your day!

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