Monday, March 1, 2010

I Might Just Survive

Is anyone else surprised that February is over so quickly? Today it looks like Spring might actually happen and it's so sunny with a hint of warmth in the air that I think I might just make it through Winter once more. It was a hard weekend on the writing front. Cabin fever/Spring fever had me firmly in its grip and I was trapped there like a bug under a microscope, my arms and legs waving and not much progress being made. Now that Mrs. Boss is back from her last vacation for a while, my work schedule will go back to normal and I'll have my days off so I might actually have more than two brain cells kicking over and make some actual headway on my novel rewrite and get some new stories off the starting blocks.

Did everyone watch the Olympics like you had a kid in them? I did. I want to Google the curling rules so I can understand a bit about "houses" and "skips" and "stones", and I want to be young and know how to ski so I can try my hand at Ski Cross which looks to me like roller derby on snow. Riveting. I'd like to ride screaming down the bobsled run too, but not as the "brake" person. Their only view was the ass of the "pilot," what fun is that? I want to see where I'm going. Love the cowbells the spectators rang too. A nice cheerful sound.

February 28--Canary Islands. It wasn't something I expected to see on our drive around the island with Antonio. It was a line of camels pacing along the side of the road. The first in line bore a rider as did the last one, the rest of them, maybe a doze were riderless but wearing aluminum frames hanging on either side of their humps. At first I couldn't figure out what they were for, then with a jolt I realized that they were seats for riders. These beasts were meant to give tourists rides. No matter how I tried, I couldn't imagine sitting perched up there on one side of a camel, feet dangling, jerking along the rocky path. Just watching them as they swayed along the roadside made me queasy. I couldn't see myself taking a ride like that without losing my lunch.

Eh. At least it's writing. Anyone else doing daily prompts? Anyone got anything first-drafy I can read?

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