Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Bit of Sleeve and A Bit of Heel

Last night was Friday Night Knitting Circle so progress was made on both projects. I took both Khaki Cardi sleeves (well, their "live" proto-stitches) off the holders and put them onto circular needles so I could try it on and see how it was going. It's a bit shorter than I had thought and a bit roomier, but I can "adjust" that when I block it. Sleeve #1 is moving right along. I'm about 1-1/2" into it and really appreciating the all-knit aspect of knitting it in the round.

Of course, I can't have only one project OTN, so there's Neon Sock #2 which got to the heel flap last night and requires that every other row be purled. I can't get away from purling! I suppose that unless I do all tubular or garter stitch projects that I'll have to just get used to purling and figure out a way to do it that doesn't make my thumb hurt.

According to Never Not Knitting, the Yarn Harlot's Page-a-Day calendar, we're supposed to toss our stashes this weekend. Her idea is that you go through your stash and check it all for any pests, shake each skein, and see what you've got. It's not a bad idea. Maybe I'll hide downstairs tomorrow and see what I can find. Lord knows it's not weather to be outside.

I've been unable to get my mind off some of the yarn I bought at that fiber festival Lyn, Dusty, and I went
to in Valders last fall. Tossing the stash will allow me to justify going downstairs and digging it out. I'm thinking I'll knit a roll-brim hat and matching mittens out of it, using the creamy and oh-so-soft Psalm 23 handspun (it's Shetland lamb & merino) for the brim and cuffs and the marled gray ST Merino & Alpaca for the rest. Then I'll be ready when next winter, or more of this one, rolls around. Yeah, good idea.

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knittingknewbie said...

I really enjoy the "all knit" aspect of sleeves in the round as well.

It was strange to see Valders mentioned. We were in the same conference as them when I was in high school. Ah, memories...