Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sun's Out!

Yay, the sun came out again. It was a long time foggy, 4 or 5 days with no relief, it's about damn time the sun comes back out. My "full spectrum" lamps got a real workout last week.

Another good thing today is that I was a bit lighter on the scale this morning. I've been kind of stuck again for the last few weeks and was getting tempted to throw in the towel but today's number being a bit smaller than last week's number has me feeling better and resolved to keep going.

Man, I hate Daylight Savings time, don't you? I'm sitting here typing away and it's after noon already. It doesn't feel like afternoon, but it is. It is my opinion that since we're no longer an agrarian society we don't need the morning daylight or the extended light in the evening anymore. Yeah, yeah, I know, you like that it stays light way into the evening in the summer, but is that worth the circadian screw up, that jet lag feeling we get twice a year? Cows won't change their milking schedule just because some nerd in the government has decided the time should change. If cows won't change, why should we? The environmentalists contend that DST saves energy, but it's my contention that we might not use the energy in the morning but we use that hour's worth sometime during the day. It's not as though DST gives us an extra hour of daylight, it just moves it from one end of the day to the other. ...And that's the Wisconsin Soapbox Minute for today.

March 13--Harrismith Beach, Barbados. "Barbados is stuck out there all alone, you know," said Jeremy as he dug out another beer from the cooler. "Out there?" Leah said. "What do you mean?" He waved his hand at the shore in front of them. "Out there, you know, not in the nice, neat arc that the rest of the Caribbean islands lined up in." He tipped his head back and drained his bottle in one long, gulping swallow. "Barbados is hanging out in the Atlantic all alone, currents race by and storms hit here first." He tossed his empty over his right shoulder. It landed with a clink next to three of its mates. "They might as well paint a bullseye on the island and change their motto from 'Pride and Industry' to 'Come and Get Me, I Dare You.'" Leah looked at him as if he had grown another head. "Tell me again," she said, "why we picked Barbados in the middle of hurricane season?" She eyed the cloud mass on the horizon with an unfriendly squint. He spread his arms wide to encompass the nearly deserted stretch of sand. "Privacy, baby. We might as well own this place. No one else is here." She flinched as the building wind blew sand that stung her face. "Yeah," she said under her breath, "they're all smart enough to stay away. I wanted to get tan, not sandblasted."

That Jeremy, always the penny pincher. Enjoy your sunny Sunday, wherever you are.

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