Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shh...It's Still Sunny

Don't say it too loud in case we scare the sun away and it goes back to being dreary. Shhhh.

Mrs. Boss came back from Colorado skiing and she's working today and Thursday so I only have to work 2 days this week. Yay! I know, I know my paycheck next week will be nearly nonexistent especially compared to the last few, but I need the time off. Need. It. I've salted away enough extra money to pay for most of my year's escapes so I can have this time to recharge and get back to a slower paced life.

March 1--Ko Hong, Thailand. Like it had been cleaved millennia ago, the cliffs rose vertically from the beach. The clumps of stunted trees at the base of the cliffs served to preserve the modesty of the place where rock met sand. The almost-pubic looking greenery made it hard for the geologists to gather samples but gave the artists something interesting to paint. It was a challenge for Captain Marcel Durot to steer a course to please the greatest number of his passengers, a shifting mix of amateur scientists and artists. His route was dictated by the winds since his ship, the Flying Cloud, was most of all a sailing ship at the mercy of the whims of the winds. But many passengers failed to understand, wanted him to drive against the wind and the seas so that they could photograph a bird or an island, so they could put another exotic locale on their life list of destinations. The present group of mostly Americans would have had him skating all over the Indian Ocean like a demented water strider if he listened to half their directions.

Well, that certainly took a different tack than I anticipated. Go out and absorb a bit of vitamin D today if you can.

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