Monday, March 22, 2010

Four More Days...

Four more days until Lala and I run away to write for 3 days. We've been talking about it, emailing about it, and counting down to it for months. And now it's nearly here. I'll be packing up my manuscript, my Alphasmart, my laptop, and a few clothes to leave early on Friday so we can wring as much time out of our stolen weekend as possible. Squee!

March 21--Yaku Shima, Japan. Sue sat in the edge of the surf, her back pressed to the rough rock that thrust into the air like the prow of a ship. The salt water lapped over her feet and lets, trying to draw her away from shore. Each time it covered her it stole another degree of heat from her already chilled body. The day had started well. She and Rogers had met at the cafe in the hotel lobby where they drank coffee and discussed how they would divide the spoils of their day. He wanted an even split but she thought that each of them should keep their own profits. It made not difference now. Robers was nothing more than a pink stain at the bottom of a ravine and if Sesukawa had his way, before long she would be shark food. He had her pinned down and he could wait all day for her to move.

Before you even ask, I have absolutely no idea what Sue and Rogers were up to (stealing? a con?) or why Sesukawa was chasing her and who he was (cop? gangster? rival?). It's exciting though, isn't it?

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