Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hanging On By My Fingernails

It's a good thing they're strong--and fake, because the writing energy is thin these days. I think I have an epidemic-sized case of Spring Fever and very little of anything is getting accomplished around here. I do intend to go straight downstairs once I get this posted to whip up a couple batches of lotion and some lip balm. Stores are low and new product needs to be made. Maybe I can make some smell and taste like spring to set me back on track. Wonder what fragrance I could use? Moist earth? Melting snow? How about snowplow repellent!

March 5--Baunei, Sardinia. Julie liked how the sides of Punta Pedra Longa leaped from the waves. There were no soft sand beaches here, the land came straight out of the water on this side of the island. The exposed rock was dark gray and the angles of the mountain were sharp, not wind softened and weathered by time. She pulled over under some trees and parked her rental Fiat where she could look over the edge of the mountain and watch the waves dash themselves in an explosion of foam and spray on the tumbled rocks far below. The narrow roads that wound up and down Punta Pedra were challenging to her, she was used to the wide American roads. Here on Sardinia she had to pay attention because too many times she rounded a curve only to find a few goats or a gigantic truck in the road. It just made more sense to stop and enjoy the scenery.

Enjoy the taste of spring wherever you are! I'm off to lotion.

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