Wednesday, March 3, 2010


And my last working day this week. I've got the next 4 days off and I am filled with ideas of how to occupy myself. I bought a gallon (a gallon!!) of aloe juice at Walmart yesterday so I can make some more lotion and I need to make lip balm because I'm flat out. Flat out! There isn't one tube lurking anywhere and so I need to get down there and get melting. I wonder what flavors I'll make...

March 2--Jardin do Mar, Madiera. The white houses with their red tile roofs were notched together down the sloping town to the sea like an old jigsaw puzzle. The clear light from the blue Mediterranean sky cast strong cool shadows of deep black between buildings. Lucy didn't remember why she had chosen to take her first vacation in years in a place so far off the beaten track, at least for Americans, but she was glad she had. Every day she walked down into the center of the town to eat her small lunch of fresh cheese with crusty bread, a handful of olives, with a ripe fig for dessert, all washed down by a glass of the local red wine. Alma, the cafe owner, was the only person she spoke with many days and Alma understood very little English and spoke less. It didn't really matter since Lucy spoke only a few words of Portuguese. Lucy decided that was perfect; she could bare her soul to the older woman with the kind eyes as she worked behind the counter and could imagine the advice Alma would give. Oddly enough Lucy always heard what she wanted to hear.

Well, that started with a lot of promise and then got slightly awkward and confused. I might fix it one day or I'll let it sink into the sea and dissolve. Time to go to work.

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