Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Uh, It's Wednesday!

Today is one of the few times that I don't have anything to say on here.  I didn't take any early morning photos, it was too dark.  I didn't do anything noteworthy last night after supper, staring at the computer screen playing hidden object games does not count as noteworthy.  I didn't even knit.

The sun is shining.  That's a very good thing.  It's above zero and even supposed to be above zero overnight.  That, too, is a very good thing.

I made it to my chiropractic appointment and to work on time.  There was even a paycheck waiting for me when I got here.  So far today's batting a thousand.

The only downer in my day is that LC has come up with a tummy bug and, since I can't stop kissing her every time I see her, there's a slim chance that Meemaw might get one too but I have fortified myself with a dose of "the pink stuff" and will be brewing up a nice, tummy soothing mug of mint tea as soon as I give up on deluding myself that I have anything interesting to report.  (I have to confess that I'm very suggestible so it's always a crap shoot as to whether I really have the bug or if it's just sympathy sickness.  I am such a trial to myself.)

Last week I left work to discover a pair of kids using our pile of parking lot snow for a sledding hill.  They were using a piece of cardboard and a toddler-size car seat for sleds.  I cautioned them to be careful because I'm not old enough to think that kids are going to leave a convenient pile of snow alone.  It's not much of a pile but from the eroded chutes down the side of it I'd say it'll do just fine.  I did ask them not to throw snowballs at cars parked nearby (mine) or the dumpster (since we'd have to pay if it gets damaged).  I have no illusions how long their agreement will last.  Kids are kids and snow piles should be classified as an attractive nuisance and, thereby, exempt from personal injury liability. *gives a firm nod of agreement*

January 20--Carl Yarbrough, Man & Lab in Canoe.  Before the leaf-peepers flooded the north woods Kevin liked to head out for a last peaceful paddle, just himself and his dog, Sadie.  Kevin packed his tent and enough rations for a week and set off.

There.  You see how not with it I was last night?  That's a good start to an interesting story right there and I fell asleep almost before I wrote the last word.  I suspect that 10 days of anti-vertigo pills has put me in this state.  As of this morning I'm giving the whirlies the finger and stopping the pills.  We'll see if my energy level rises over the next few days.  I'm guessing it will since the pills are nothing more than prescription strength Dramamine and that stuff always knocks me out.  Okay, I'm quitting before I chase you all away with my blabbering.

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Aunt B said...

I hate days like that. When you can't stop stewing about something not feeling right. My resolution for 2016 was to be more positive but it's so easy to slip over to the dark side. I hope the pink stuff (always my drug of choice to fight any tummy bug) does the trick. Real cold down here -- but only "Wilmington Cold" not the kind you're enduring.