Saturday, January 23, 2016

It Was Sunny

But now it isn't.  Sunny mornings give me energy, make me feel like accomplishing things, make me eager to cross things off my to-do list.  Gray, overcast, cloudy days do not.  This morning was great.  I got up and did my yoga, read part of the paper while I had breakfast, organized a few knitting things while planning what I'd do about yarn stuff later today, made plans to zoom to the grocery so that all of the vultures wouldn't buy the wild-caught Ahi tuna and haddock on sale at Copps. But then the sun went away and I went from running on high-octane to bumping along on unleaded.  Being the mature, self-starter that I am I forged ahead, got dressed and went to the store where I found excellent pieces of fish (and a few other things--can you ever go to the store and only get what you went for?  I can't, Durwood can [I don't think that's normal, do you?]) so we'll have sesame lime broiled tuna for supper tonight.  We're going to try making a Weight Watchers recipe for apple pie that's baked in the apple shell with just a small lattice of crust over the top.  I'm eager to try it.  Durwood's going to make a recipe of Chicken Vegetable Meatloaf for the freezer.  Our Investment Cooking stock is down to one supper's worth so he'll do that today and I'll make something else tomorrow.  No sense spending two whole days working ourselves to the bone just to fill up the top shelf of the freezer, right?  Right.  *nods confidently*  Besides that gives me an excuse to go to the grocery again tomorrow. Why doesn't love to go to the grocery every day?

I was all ready to weave in the tails of Sudoku Block #5 last night at Friday Knitting and then crochet the Sudoku Block #6 squares into a block.  I got #5's tails woven in but, when I reached into by knitting basket all I had was the squares, not the pattern with the grid, not the black yarn, not the crochet hook.  Grrr.  So I was reduced to knitting a few rows on the Hello Hamish cardi.  Did I tell you that I checked my gauge the other day and I'm at least a stitch less per inch, which means my sweater will be bigger than the pattern dimensions.  I'm not too fussed.  I suspect that means that the sweater might fit him a bit longer.  I'm good with that.  Even if this turns out to be a charity sweater (which it might due to the scratchiness of the yarn) it'll fit some baby.  Babies come in all sizes, you know.

Not having the supplies to assemble Block #6 meant that I stayed up until midnight (for the second night in a row) crocheting the blocks into columns and watching DVR'd episodes of "West End Salvage" from the DIY channel.  I'm getting to be quite a fan of the upcycling they do on shows like that.

Look at the cool lines in the birdbath ice.  The heater isn't strong enough to keep the whole thing ice free so it freezes in increments making lines like age rings in trees.

Another thing I noticed this morning is how glad my big pot of thyme is to be in the house this winter.  Look!  It's growing.  That's what comes from watering it every once in a while, I think.  Anyway, this is the first time I've kept thyme alive over the winter.  I have a big bay leaf plant that's been around at least 5 years so I know I can keep herbs alive but I think I'm better with "woody" stemmed ones because parsley always croaks when I bring it in.

January 23--Dominion Photo Source, Poolside Seniors.  Rae and Eddie had gone steady all through high school and then two weeks before graduation they broke up.  No one ever knew why and neither one would ever say.  Rae went away to college, only coming home for the holidays and going out of her way to avoid Eddie when she was in town.  It wasn't hard.  Eddie worked construction for his Uncle Mike and studied drafting at the local tech school at nights.

Okay, since I slept so darned late today I had a later breakfast so lunch will be later too.  That'd be now, now seems to be "later" to my stomach.  See ya!

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Aunt B said...

That baby sweater is so sweet. Looks like little wings on the shoulders!! Like for an angel baby!! Our sky was all pink this morning. So pretty.