Thursday, January 14, 2016

Geez, It's Already Thursday

But then this is only my second week of working two days so my work week kind of flies by.  Week after next I'll work Monday too because Mrs. Boss will be in Dominica diving.  Yay, a bigger paycheck.  I got my first 2-day check yesterday and was amazed how much of a difference working 8 fewer hours a week makes, but I'll get used to it.  Already I feel like I wish I had retired all together, but then my paycheck would be nonexisitent, wouldn't it?  (Think about that, Barbara, when you're whining about having to get dressed and go to work.)

It isn't all work at work.  Luckily I can knit and listen to an audiobook (once I have my work work done, that is) and here's what I did yesterday.  I knitted the first two "step outs" for the sock knitting lesson next Thursday at the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild meeting.  The purple one has the cuff & leg done so it's ready to demo the heel flap.  The green one has the cuff, leg & heel flap done so it's ready to have the heel turned.  Today I'll knit one in a different color with the heel turned so that it's ready to have the gusset stitches picked up and decreased, and then one all the way through the foot so it's ready for the toe decreases and Kitchener stitch.  My co-teacher Pat is doing the same thing so we'll have some samples for people to try if they don't get as far during the actual knitting, plus that'll make demo-ing the techniques easier to start if we don't have to knit to get there.

I got a package the other day.  Craftsy had a kit sale and I liked a crossover bodice dress pattern, wasn't crazy about the fabric but buying the pattern and fabric in the kit was only a few bucks more than buying the pattern alone.  No brainer.  It came and I'm still not in love with the fabric but I'm looking forward to trying the pattern.  I'd like to have a few handmade things that are a little nicer than my everyday, day laborer look of jeans and tees.  I might go to DSW to find a pair of everyday boots to wear too.  I can't wear the high heels or the up the calf ones but I can maybe find some stylish ankle boots with a flat heel, don't you think?  I used to have some exactly like I want but I got rid of them in a purge a couple years ago.  Bah.

January 14--Abraham Menashe, Inc., Volunteers.  "No one would do this for pay," said Leighann as she stacked the cots in the corner of the gym.  'What do you mean?"  Chris looked at her sweaty and disheveled friend.  Leighann glanced over her shoulder.  "How much would you expect to get paid to do what we do in an afternoon?  Fifteen bucks an hour?  Twenty?"  Chris nodded.  "Yeah, about that."  Leighann pressed her fists into her lower back and groaned.  "There's no money to pay people.  They can't pay themselves.  They're not kidding about the name 'non-profit.'  It's not a designation, it's a way of life around here."

Time to slap some pictures on here, get dressed, and head out.  Here's a picture of Lake Michigan at Jacksonport from last weekend. Later, dudes and dudettes.

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Aunt B said...

I like that dress pattern too. And hope you find the exact ankle boots you want. It's so hard to find the right shoes to go with a dress. And I NEVER wear a dress anymore. Even for Lisabeth's wedding, I wore a long skirt which I'll probably never wear again. Somehow I can't get my head around having my legs revealed. And I used to love showing off my legs!! Loved our little back-and-forth on email yesterday. It's wonderful to have you out there. Of course, it would be MORE wonderful to have you here but yay for the internet. XXXXX