Saturday, January 2, 2016

First Sunset of 2016

It wasn't a whiz-bang sunset, just a quiet orange color in the west and some pretty clouds but I thought it'd be a good way to start the blog year.

Last night I dug out my colored pencils and sat down to see what all the hoopla about coloring is about.  The first page of the "Sea Life" book is octopus tentacles, the second page is too, and it didn't take long before I figured out that was quite a bit more of a commitment for a first coloring page than I anticipated, so I finished the part of the tentacle and turned to the next pages where a pair of jellyfish are cavorting.  Way less coloring, still pretty and fun.  A good place to start.

I got a couple more repeats done on the L'Arbre in Seine hat so now you can see the pattern.  It looks complicated (and I confess that I had to tink back almost a whole round last night but that was because I was too busy talking and not thinking) but it's a pretty easy 4-row repeat and the Little Tree stitch is a snap to make.  Plus doesn't the silk in the yarn make the color amazing?

Durwood and I met friends for breakfast this bright, sunny morning and then we went to the museum (with our free passes we got for subscribing to the newspaper) to see the deep ocean exploration exhibit.  It was pretty cool, not as extensive and fish-y as I would have liked, but there was a lot about deep submersibles and models of the Titanic and Bismarck shipwrecks as they look on the bottom.  In the next gallery was an exhibit of watercolors and beadwork done by two Native American women.  I especially liked the watercolors; they were in greens, ochers, and other sandstone colors and looked like cave paintings.  The beaded pieces were mind-boggling in their beauty and complexity.  I can't imagine having the patience to sit and sew on all those tiny beads.

Like an idiot I stayed up until midnight last night (New Year's Eve was the night before last, doofus) so I was in no mood to write when I tucked myself in.  Tonight I'm taking down the Christmas tree since no house elf seems to be stepping up to do it.  Yippee.  I'm just glad we have a wire tree so ornaments don't hide in the branches.

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Aunt B said...

I'm starting the new year with a resolution to be more positive in 2016. It seemed like I was in a bad mood nearly all of last year so I'm determined to do better. And be better!! It's finally cold down here but sunny and bright so that helps. Love that red hat and the trees make it even cuter.