Friday, January 22, 2016

Time To Frog

Last night's Basic Sock class went well.  We could have used another hour, at least, but all of the knitters got through turning the heel.  PH suggested that we have them only do 3 rounds of cuff and leg before getting to the "good" stuff, that was brilliant.  One person only needed help with the Kitchener stitch (closing the toe) so that was an early triumph for us.  A few people hadn't used DPNs before so their night was a real adventure.  I tried to emphasize to them that even though DPNs are my favorite needles, I still feel like I'm wrestling a porcupine when starting out.  Maybe that helped them not feel too awkward.  I hope it did.  I was so glad that everyone got to the heel turn because that's where most knitters stumble and it's just so amazing to realize that you can make your knitting turn 90 degrees and make knitted fabric that cups a heel.  It's like magic, and I loved helping them knit through those five confusing rows (it was a tiny sock) and end up with a turned heel.  PH and I agreed that our students were brave and brilliant.  They did it!  This morning I tugged all my step-outs off their needles and will get them frogged and rewind the yarn into balls, ready to serve another time.  I had a blast and I hope they did too.  Although I was so busy helping that I missed the snack.  Drat.  Also PH brought a red wool vest that she'd knitted years ago as a shop sample.  It's way too big for LC now but she said she's clearing out and wondered if I wanted it.  Heck yeah, LC's only going to grow.  I can store it for a while.  (gotta send a thank you note; don't forget, Barbara)

LB brought me a bag of more old Edgings pamphlets from the 40s.  I can't wait to sit down and page through them.  Thanks, LB, you're a pal.

This morning the Sharp-shinned Hawk came looking for breakfast.  There were no birds in sight so he/she flew off but we love seeing its beady black eyes scanning for prey right outside our window.

Not a half hour later it was sparrow time out there.  Sparrows are like gangs of teenagers that roam the neighborhood, shoving other birds away from feeders, hogging the birdbath, and splashing out most of the water with the enthusiasm of their bathing.  Even sparrows aren't foolish enough to bathe in the dead of winter but they aren't above having a couple of their number sit on the finch feeder and scoop seed out onto the ground for them all to eat.  They're messy but pretty darned entertaining.

January 22--Jim Westphalen.  Miss Ella looked like everyone's favorite aunt with her soft hands and warm smile but Miss Ella was a businesswoman down to her boots.  She was a big woman, always dressed in a suit and a white blouse with lace on the collar, her voice was low and firm.  You just did what you were expected to do without question.  Something about her brought out the best in her employees.  We were all better people working for her.  Except for Dexter.  Dexter was the exception that proved the rule.  Miss Ella would say white, Dexter said black, and the battle lines were drawn.

Durwood's got a chiro appointment in a couple hours and I want to stop at Aldi for blueberries and oranges on the way so I'd better zoom off to find some lunch... ooh, there's a bit of chicken taco meat left.  I foresee a taco salad in my immediate future.  Adios.

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Aunt B said...

I almost felt the thrill of teaching your students how to turn a heel on a knitted sock! I doubt many of us think about the miracle-ness of that achievement as we're pulling on our socks in the morning! Glad it went so well! We survived The Blizzard of 2016. I was actually out in it! Our part of the frightening weather was rain, rain and more rain. Went to see "Room" with a friend and when we came out, it was already dark and truly pouring rain. I was proud of myself for not only driving at night (which I now hate to do) but in a torrential downpour and living to tell the tale!! BTW, the movie is very good. Have you read the book? Excellent.