Monday, January 18, 2016

Colder Than Cold

I can't even tell you how cold it is today.  It was cold enough that the door from the garage into the house was frozen shut.  I'm used to the patio door being frozen shut but not the garage door.  I had to unlock my car, push the garage door opener, then go into the garage and force my way in.  A little WD-40 was my solution and it has worked so far.

I decided to goof off today.  Well, this morning anyway.  I lolled on the couch knitting and watching TV shows I had DVR'd.  This afternoon I threw in the first load of laundry and whipped up a fleece and linen blanket to keep napping babies warm.  I didn't go anywhere for fabric, just used some from the endless store in the basement.  I need to sew more.

January 18--John Compos, Kids & Chicks.  The package had air holes in it and it was cheeping.  When Grandpa moved it the cheeping stopped.  Ella heard nails scratching inside the box as if live creatures were sliding around in there.

See, I meant to do a riff on the quail chicks that would come in the mail to my Grandpa out at the farm in the early spring but I fell asleep.  The chicks looked like little fluffy, brown ping pong balls that he'd raise in the brooder house until letting them loose.  Then during quail season he and Dad and my uncles would go quail hunting.  Kind of gruesome but it never really occurred to me how gruesome until just now.  There's a pretty sunset brewing tonight. Stay warm.

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Aunt B said...

I can't imagine how cold it has to be to freeze that door closed!! I hope you have a ton of blankets to bundle up in and stay warm while you're catching up on TV. Definitely too cold to be outdoors. That little blankie looks so cute!