Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sorry I Skipped Blogging Yesterday

But I was tired and had other things to do so I took that off my "to do" list.

Good thing #1=sunshine.  The sun is shining today!  When I went out to top up the birdbath I saw gaps in the clouds and blue sky showing through.  

Good thing #2=yoga.  When I unrolled my yoga mat around 9:00 there was honest-to-god sunshine out there.  The birds and squirrels enjoyed it and I sure feel like a new person sitting here in a shaft of sunshine.  Doing yoga this morning means that my head felt like it was in the same dimension as my body, not out in the ether doing the vertigo dance.  Hooray!

Last night at Friday Night Knitting I finished knitting the "step outs" for Thursday's lesson on knitting socks.  I met with PH, my co-teacher, Thursday evening to finalize our plan of attack and I've been bombarding the membership with blog posts and emails beseeching them to at least watch a couple YouTube videos about knitting with DPNs so we don't spend 2/3 of our allotted time wrestling with the needles.

Also last night LB brought a grocery bag full of old knitting and crocheting patterns that someone had brought in to the ADRC for people to take.  We got the dregs but what excellent dregs they were.  I found a copy of the crocheted Christmas stocking pattern I made for DS when he was a newborn so I can make one for our coming grandson in a different arrangement of colors than his daddy's.  I need to find out who gave LC hers for her house just in case I need to make two, but I suspect that either NH or GAM took care of that and will do the same this time.

Good thing #3=old crochet mags.  In the dregs were copies of "Edgings" magazines from the 1940s with crocheted and tatted edging patterns in them.  I kept one for DD who likes to make crocheted edgings on hankies (and give them to her mother for gifts) and a couple with tatting patterns in to give to a couple of friends who took a tatting class and I'm hoping they'll teach me one of these days.  Now I wish I'd kept them all, all of the "Edgings" anyway.

January 16--Janet Rissi, #PB106.  Maureen wanted to kiss those lips.  His perfect Cupid's bow of an upper lip begged her to smooth her fingers across it and dip her tongue to its sweetness.  His tousled black hair invited her to finger-comb it back from his forehead, to cup the back of his neck and feel the short, bristly hairs at the nape of his neck.  He must have recently shaved.  The clean aroma of good soap clung to the planes of his face, drawing her near to inhale its freshness. She smoothed her thumbs across his tender eyebrows as she cupped his face with both hands, his breath ruffling her eyelashes.

Whew.  That seems a little steamy for a winter Saturday morning--or maybe not, it is the weekend, after all.  I want to go see if the fabric store has couch cushion foam and get a bit of breakfast sausage and a Granny Smith apple at the grocery because I want to make Belgian waffles with sauteed apples and sausage patties for supper tonight.  Mm, doesn't that sound good?  I'm off to the showers.

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Aunt B said...

Glad you got some sunshine and it sounds like you're back to yourself!!! So yay for that!!! It was like Springtime down here. Warm enough to be out on the deck in only a sweater but we're supposed to get cold weather this week. Bad outcome from the great football game last night. I'm holding out hope for the Carolina Panthers today.