Thursday, January 28, 2016

The End, Instead of The Beginning, of the Day

Last night I caught the barest bit of sunset out the back door of the dive shop.  There are lots of wires crisscrossing my view but I think I dodged them pretty well.  I don't know why I'm so entranced with the sky, I didn't used to be, but now I look at it all the time.  It's often very pretty up there.  You should look up more, it's worth the glance.

I wore one of my new cardigans to work yesterday and felt quite stylish, if I do say so myself.  Today I get a haircut on my way to the shop so I'll wear something that hair schnipples won't show on or dig into.  Today I'm all about expedience instead of style, and also today I should probably go to the mall on my way home to see if the brown version of the black boots I bought fit.  One of the clerks volunteered to pick them up at the Appleton store last night to save me the trip, wasn't that nice?

Yesterday I finished knitting the body of the Hello Hamish sweater, next I pick up the sleeve stitches and knit those.  It's bigger than it should be (check gauge next time, Barbara) but babies rarely shrink so I think it'll be okay.  I'm still debating what color to knit the I-cord edging with but am leaning toward rainbow since I want to make a matching hat too.  That way it'll be unisex.

After supper I finished decreasing the gusset and plunged into the foot of the Jelli Beenz sock.  I think the whole heel area looks too big until I remind myself that I made the whole leg in ribbing which really pulls that part in.  It'll be okay (she says with her fingers mentally crossed).

Oh, I got a call yesterday at 9:20 AM to say that my tire wasn't in yet, so sorry, but they had a loaner car I could use to go to work.  Thank. God.  So the guy came and picked me up (it's less than a mile), I dropped him off on my way past, and I got to work on time, early even.  Then on my way home, I traded the loaner for my real car, so it's all fixed and I have four non-punctured tires.  For the time being.  I'm not making any sweeping statements.

January 28--Keith Lanpher.  Sheila ran. She not only ran on the unified school district Cross-Country team, she ran every day, all day.  She ran to school, she ran home.  She ran errands, she ran to think, she ran away, she ran toward.  Everyone in the neighborhood was used to seeing her running.  People asked each other why she ran.  A few thought that her home life must be bad for her to run so much.  Others thought she had watched Forrest Gump too many times.  When anyone asked her why, she smiled, shrugged, and ran away.

I get to go get a haircut soon so I'd better jack some pictures on here and head out.  Have a... day.  (It's Thursday, what can you really say about Thursday?)

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Aunt B said...

It's supposed to be in the upper sixties down here this weekend!!! I plan to clean out the windowbox -- should have done that weeks ago. It looks terrible right now. Better empty than full of dead and drooping plants!!!