Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, It's Off To Work I Go...

After being off work for nearly 3 weeks (except for that one random Wednesday right before Christmas) it felt very odd to be up in the dark and have to scurry around planning what to wear, taking a shower, getting something out for supper, carrying the slicer upstairs, packing lunches, and getting myself out the door sort of on time.  The light was blue turning to peach when I got up so I hurried out to take its picture.  I didn't take a picture of the palest pinky peach that tinted the clouds in the western sky; I knew that wouldn't show up at all.  As much as I like to sleep a little later I also miss seeing the sunrise when I do.  I'm an oxymoron like that... sometimes just a moron.

The slicer needed to be brought upstairs so Durwood can slice the loaves which are my contribution to the writing weekend's menu.  I took this bread along last winter and was very flattered that the meal planners asked me to bring it again.  I'm bringing lots of butter too.  Durwood's hoping that not all of it gets eaten this weekend so there'll be some for him to toast next week.  I think there'll be leftovers for him, or I'll just whip up another batch, or even half a batch, and make some for him.  I used the last of my yeast for these loaves so I'll have to go get more.  An easy thing to do.  I realized when I was sprinkling the loaves with sesame seeds that this bread reminds me of the cocodrillo bread that DIL1 made in Missoula, MT at her bakery job.  I loved that bread so much I smuggled three loaves home in my suitcase.

In the "It's Good to Have Friends with Tools" department, my friend, JJ, brought his grinder to the dive shop this morning and lopped 1 1/2" off all the legs of the stepstool I bought last month.  It was just too tall for LC's knees to fit under the table apron.  She likes sitting on the stool and it's great for getting her up to the sink to wash her hands but since she's pushed back from the table she tends to try to stand up to get closer to her coloring or toys so I needed it cut down.   The job took about 15 minutes total.  I did the cleanup. Thanks, JJ, you're a real pal.

On the L'arbre en Seine hat I'm a pattern repeat from starting the crown decreases.  I really like this stitch, it's easy to remember and to execute.  Then I can start knitting a sweater for the new baby heading our way in the spring.  I have the pattern, yarn, and needles.  I should probably knit the partial socks I need to teach how to knit socks at Knitting Guild on the 21st first, shouldn't I? Especially since Baby isn't due until the end of April.  Yeah, I'll do that.

January 6--Carl Yarbrough.  Dayton and Lawrice were scared and excited at the same time.  The roaring of the rapids echoed from the rock walls and the constant spray felt like a crazy lawn sprinkler coming at them from all directions.  They each had on an orange life vest and Dayton's glasses were held on by a strap around the back of his head.  Mom and Dad manned the oars in turn and were pretty good at staying in the center of the river.  Last night they had camped on a sandy place barely above the level of the water.  Lawrice kept piling wood on the fire.  She tried to dry her clothes but only managed to singe her favorite jeans and melt part of the sole of her shoe.

The sun is shining today.  Hooray!  Well, it was anyway.  I really feel better when the sun shines, don't you?

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Aunt B said...

I can't imagine any of that bread being left over. It looks sooooo delicious. Pretty sky picture.