Friday, January 1, 2016

Now All It Needs is a Cook

I was going to put more pockets on the play kitchen yesterday but when I got down to the sewing machine I realized that I needed, no NEEDED, to finish it.  So I made six little ribbon loops to sew up the sides of the back and sewed up the back with my fingers crossed that it would still slide off (it did, just barely, whew), then I fussed and fiddled to get the skirt sides attached to the back and the inverted pleat made where they join.  I was sure I'd have to cut off inches of fabric but it's all there and it worked.  I confess that the hem isn't perfectly straight but it's turned up and sewed so the play kitchen is DONE FOR NOW.  I'd still like to put another pocket across the back and one below the seat on the skirt front but those are things I can do at a later date.  I need to wrap the set of dishes and the wooden play food set for her to open on her birthday but I tucked some of the plastic food she plays with all the time for you to see my vision.  It's not meant to be a permanent storage space for the accessories since it will be folded up and put away between uses but everyone needs places to put things in the kitchen.  

It was snowing a tiny bit earlier but the doves and juncos were enjoying the birdseed.  I am amazed that the squirrels haven't come back to the peanut wreath since I filled it the other day.  Now that I put those words down I'm guessing they'll be back with a vengeance.  Hey, everybody's got to eat.

This morning I got out the Tacky Glue and fixed the sequins on the "His" and "Hers" stockings before putting them away.  I polled the family and they all said they'd like to keep the old stockings.  I have to say I'm kind of glad.  I'd rather see the old mixup of stockings not a row of matchy-matchy ones.

I managed to stay awake until 11 o'clock last night.  Did you ring in the new year?

January 1--David Madison, FTB-8294.  It was the last game of the season, thank god.  Mary Anne thought if she had to spend one more cold Friday night sitting on metal bleachers watching a bunch of kids run up and down a field, she would scream.  Being surrounded by screaming parents was no picnic either.  The women were the worst.  They had no trouble standing up hollering profanities and insults at the other team, their parents, and even their own team's coaching staff.  You can be sure that if it wasn't for her Jerry being the coach she wouldn't be caught dead in the stands.

Durwood found a recipe for curried cauliflower and chickpea soup in a magazine yesterday and we want to make it.  We have red potatoes, canned chickpeas, and curry powder.  I've got the remaining ingredients on a list and I'm off to seek them, tout de suite.

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Aunt B said...

Great pictures today. That play kitchen is incredible and so clever and cute. What fun to put it all together and make it come out just perfect. You should submit the idea and pattern to some sewing/craft magazine. And the shot of the bird feeders in the snow. It almost looks like an old black and white and worthy of framing. Of course, I love the old stockings too. So glad you're hanging (no pun intended) onto them!