Friday, January 29, 2016

I Am Now In Charge

First, see the pretty pale orange vapor trails in the blue blue blue sky this morning?  Ahh.  Even though it was so cold most of the birdbath water was ice I still was happy to see clear sky.

I met with Linda B this morning over coffee at Panera and she handed over the reins of all the internet knitting parts of the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild pantheon.  Thankfully she volunteered to be my backup.  So now I have to carefully plan my way so as to remain a benevolent dictator, uh, blogger and Facebook-er.  And I get to learn new tech-y things.  Yay!  (I may have to rent a teenager for a while...)

I went to Payless Shoes in the mall on my way home from work anticipating that they'd have the boots from the Appleton store for me to try.  They didn't.  And, yes, I did ask one of the clerks who went into the back and found the note with my name on it so I was reassured that I wasn't forgotten.  About fifteen minutes after I got home the phone rang, it was Payless calling to tell me that the boots were there and I could come in at my convenience.  You have got to be kidding me, I thought, but said, "Really?  I was just there and a girl with brightly dyed hair couldn't find them."  I tried to be nice but I think she heard the frustration.  Today after my meeting I went back, tried the boots on, and brought home one pair.  Now I'm done buying shoes for another five or ten years.  (What?  I don't wear them out and don't follow fashion.  I'm good.)

It was busy at work, customers and new stock, so I didn't get to knit there yesterday (which I sort of prefer since then my paycheck feels less like a cheat) but I did start the first sleeve on the Hello Hamish cardi after supper.  I'm going to make it a little longer than the pattern says since the body's bigger and I made that a bit longer, more symmetrical.

January 29--James Robinson, Tunnel of Trees.  It was at least ten degrees cooler under the trees.  Marcia sighed with relief as the shade washed away the feeling that the sun was pounding on her head.  She stood still, absorbing the sudden quiet, listening to the soft chirps of birds drown out the city sounds.  She looked down the alley of trees to see that she wasn't the only one taking refuge there.  People strolled along, stopping to examine a leaf or the symmetry of branches, a few even broke the unwritten rule of city life and spoke to one another.

It's sunny and I feel like having cheese toast for lunch.  What one of those things has to do with the other I do not know but nevertheless I'm off to slap some cheddar on a sandwich thin and slip it under the broiler.  Later.

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Aunt B said...

The new boots look perfect. Something about this time of year makes us want new clothes. I picked up a pair of jeans, a cute sweater and a smart looking top this week! All set to step out in new duds for my next couple of bridge games!