Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Icicle Days

It was -2 when I went out the front door for the paper this morning and then out the patio door to top up the birdbath.  Brrr.  But now it's all the way up to 11 degrees above zero.  Woohoo!  And the door into the garage is still able to be opened.  It's supposed to hit the mid-teens tomorrow and the mid-twenties the day after, maybe even the low thirties by the weekend.

All of my couch sitting knitting yesterday brought me to the point where I split off the sleeve stitches, put them on holders, and knit the body.  These tiny things go pretty fast.  But I gotta tell you, sitting on my duff most of the day makes me feel guilty for not getting a lot of things accomplished and I'm more tired than if I had roared around.  I did get the laundry done so that goes to the positive.  I even matched up all the socks.

January 19--Judah S. Harris, Haircut.  This was not Gavin's first time int he barber chair.  He had been at Blackie's many times and was used to sitting on the padded board that Blackie put across the arms of the barber chair for him.  He liked the smell of talc and lime in the room and the talk of the men lined up in the chairs waiting their turn.  Mom would run to the Rexall Drug next door while Gavin had his haircut.  The men in the chairs would stop talking when Mom brought him in and then would start up again once she left.  The chair men talked about sports, the weather, and politics.  Gavin only cared about sports.

I feel that mid-day slump coming on.  Maybe I'll sit on the couch with a book and afghan.  That's a good cover for a little snooze, right?

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Aunt B said...

There was a big frozen icicle hanging down from the fountain in the front yard yesterday -- but right next to the pond, there are a bunch of daffodils already up and even trying to bloom! Winter in Wilmington!!! But it sounds like a "warm up" might be in your future. Fingers crossed!