Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cold Like Two Ducks

I do not know what that really means but my Great-grandpa Charlie Gerst said it, Mom said it, so I say it.  It means that it's very, very, very cold.  And it is that today.  And windy.  I was enchanted by the tiny bird footprints in the light snow that fell overnight and I liked the way the rising sun colored the clouds blowing in from the southwest.

I woke up with a hankering for making a vat of chicken soup.  I don't have any of the ingredients I need to make it.  That means if I want soup I have to go out there into the freezing cold and blowing wind to get stuff.  I might do that.  Later.  I already know what kind of soup I want to make and I know what I want to make for the supper we're making for friends this weekend.  I could get those ingredients too, couldn't I?  Besides, I have to go get some Powerball tickets so we can win the BILLION dollars that the jackpot's up to when they draw tomorrow night.

Here's the Sudoku square I finished on Saturday afternoon.  I haven't knitted anything else since.  I need to pick out another project because I can't be monogamous with my knitting.  I was too tired last night to knit.  In fact, I think I took three catnaps between supper and bedtime.  That might be a record.

I forgot to show you the random crap I bought at Bargains Unlimited, the resale shop up in Sister Bay.  I'm most excited about the four sets of DPNs so I can knit the samples for the sock lesson I'm teaching next week without using my favorite, hard to find needles for them.  They were $1 a set, what's not to love?  Four cones of serger thread for five bucks is pretty good too and I have high hopes that the fifty-cents worth of sewing machine needles will fit one of my machines.  That place is a gold mine.

January 12--Lewis Kemper, Children Discovery.  Lucy and Liam had always been fascinated by fish.  Maybe it was because their nursery had been decorated with a tropical fish theme.  Maybe it was because their zodiac sign was Pisces.  Or maybe they had been fish in a former life.  The trip to the aquarium was eagerly anticipated.  They were awake before light and had breakfasted and dressed long before time to leave.

That's all there is.  I was tired and cold and tired.  And cold.  Stay warm today.  I'm thinking of changing my diet to all hot buttered rum all the time--and I don't even drink.  Maybe I'll make a vat of it and stick my feet into it.

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Aunt B said...

There always seems to be something interesting, beautiful and photo-worthy out your back door! Love the sweet little bird footprints. And, of course, the sunrise. Out our back door now -- well, the door between Paul's office and the garage, is an eight-foot tall, solid wood fence!! The workmen finished putting it up yesterday. I'm not happy about it. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if it was only six feet but it looks like a prison wall. I'm going to complain about it on FB so you can get a look at it there. Grrrrr!!!