Friday, February 14, 2014

Yesterday It Snowed Like It Meant It...

most of the day and then in the afternoon there was in interlude of sleet/freezing rain before the snow petered out by about 9 p.m.  I was happy to have my squirt bottle of Prestone Windshield De-icer so that I didn't have to scrape forever to be able to see out in order to drive to Knitting Guild.  It was too slick and Durwood's breathing wasn't good so we skipped going out to supper last night.  We plan to take another run at it tomorrow night.  We'll go early to see if we can't beat the crowds since the Club Chalet doesn't take reservations on Saturdays.  It'll happen--if I have to drag him up the ledge by his gorgeous white beard.  He promised me a heart-shaped ribeye and he's not getting out of it.  *stamps foot*  (Happy Valentine's Day, or else.)  This morning the sun is out and sparkling on the snowflakes to make up for yesterday's treacherous roads.

I really enjoyed the Guild meeting last night.  When we went around introducing ourselves (we had a couple guests and new people) I learned that at least four of the Guild members read this blog every day; that made me feel terrific.  (Hi, Zoe, VJ, LB & CB!) Tracey from Interlacements Yarns up in Abrams (about half an hour north on Hwy. 41) came to tell us about and show us her newest yarns.  We couldn't buy the new yarns but she brought a big bag of "specials" for us to pick through and purchase at only $10/skein.  I succumbed but in my defense it's really sweet yarn (merino superwash, silk & merino) with 400 yds. per skein.  A steal.  And sooooo soft and sooooo pretty.  See?  (so glad I have mad money)  I figure my yarn diet allows me to purchase special opportunity yarn or souvenir yarn, just not everyday plain old yarn... well, except I saw this skein of cotton denim yarn at Michaels yesterday that wanted to come home with me but I don't have any indigo cotton yarn so I needed it and anyway it was only $1.99.  Not a bank breaker.

We got packages yesterday.  First was the car seat base to put in my car so I can take LC for rides and the second was our Christmas gifts from DD & DIL2.  Oooh, presents!  Durwood got his annual box of chocolate covered cherries and package of handkerchiefs, I got some Christmas jingle bell earrings and the coolest world map with translations of the common names of places; like the Sahara desert is labelled "Sea of Sand".  I don't know where she found it but I love it.  I'm a big fan of maps.  The coolest things are the pillowcases she made us.  Durwood's is soft flannel with a band of fish-print flannel on the edge; mine is bright yellow cotton with a band of beautiful red floral.  They're very well made and so pretty.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, DD & DIL2, we love our gifts and we love you.

February 14--Walker Evans, Couple at Coney Island.  Jean felt she looked her best that day.  Everything felt right, her floral dress hugged her curves and left her best feature, her back, uncovered and she'd bought a beret to wear special for the occasion.  Leo was in town for the weekend and they were going out for the day.  Mavis and Buck were supposed to meet them at the entrance to the amusement park at three o'clock in the afternoon.  Jean had the early part of the day all planned.  Leo would come pick her up around nine, they would walk down Kraft Avenue to the Morning Glory Cafe where he'd buy coffee and Danish for them both.  They would tour the History of the Lug Nut exhibit at the museum before stopping in Mae's Tea Shop for lunch.  It was a good plan, not very realistic considering Leo was in town to make a hit, but a good one as far as fantasies go.

I need to go get showered and make myself presentable.  I get to work today from 10 to 7 and then go to Friday Night Knitting but the best news is that Miss LC is coming to visit me while her Mama does something.  Should be fun.  Could be interesting.  Ta-ta for now.


Ann said...

Yay, I'm glad the presents arrived safely! And I'm glad you liked them. :) I can't wait to hear what David and Abby think of LC's presents.

Your new yarn is gorgeous. Yesterday I fell victim to Tuesday Morning's yarn bins--buried in the bottom were 4 skeins of Lion Merino Cashmere. Two were slate grey and two were kind of avocado green. And so soft!

Aunt B said...

You MUST have that heart shaped rib-eye at some point in time! That sounds so delicious and beautiful. Rib-eye is my favorite steak. I love your new yarn too and the pillowcases and neat map. So great when gifts are perfect for you!!! Hope you took a picture of LC with you at work. Sounds like fun -- but it could have been something else!!! Fingers crossed she was a good girl!