Friday, February 21, 2014

Not Going To Appleton Today

It's too windy and it's supposed to snow a bit... but it's mostly the wind that's keeping us at home.  And all the snow melt that has now frozen into sheets of ice aren't helping, but it's the wind.  The trees are thrashing around, scraping the clouds with their flailing branches and the fringe on the valance of the west window here in the bedroom is fluttering because, of course, that's the window that doesn't close right and I didn't remember last fall so I could put plastic over it.  Huh.  I just went over to see if I could make it close better and discovered that it wasn't shut all the way.  Now, who would have tootsed it open just a smidge on a warmish day, do you suppose?  Yeah, I confess, that'd be me, I like me some "real" air... and the fringes are still.  *head, slap*  Much better now.

It was pretty quiet at work yesterday, I only had a few customers stopping in for tidbits to take on their impending vacations.  (it's kind of hard to be peppy and interested and smiley when they're going and I"m not)  So in between I listened to an audiobook (did I tell you how much I lovelovelove borrowing audiobooks from the library?  and now there're 2 "apps" I can download to the Kindle FOR FREE so I can get books, and not all old ones either), knitted on my Ravellenics "WIPs Dancing" xmas stocking, and got it done.  Well, not DONE done but I finished the stocking and the cuff (good thing I had a circular needle in my notions box because the way the pattern said to make it wouldn't have worked well on a 6" long DPN) so that I could soak it and block it last night.  Once the pieces are dry I can sew them together, et voila!, a Finished Object to go along with the 3 "Charity Curling" Men's Chemo Hats just in time for the closing ceremony on Sunday.  (that last statement has nothing to do with my mother-in-law, she was Viola, but I always say her name in my head when I type "voila")

I stayed up until midnight (for no real good reason except maybe excitement after the men's ski cross [I love the crazy fast way they go down the course and how they're all jumbled together, now that's a RACE] and the ladies' ice skating finals I was kind of hopped up) so my brain felt like it was turned off when I tried to write to the prompt.  Sorry.  Here's an LC picture instead.

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Aunt B said...

Is this the winter from hell??? And I know that doesn't make sense. A winter from hell should be blazing hot. Still..... Darling little LC -- looking right at the camera. So serious and so adorable. Sweet, sweet baby!!!