Saturday, February 15, 2014

One Raisin For TW

While talking to my brother AJ this morning he said he was going to hang up and eat some of the oatmeal his lovely wife K had made and said he thought he'd put in one raisin for TW.  See, TW hates raisins, has always hated raisins, and when Dad made us oatmeal for breakfast when we were kids he'd always put in raisins for AJ and me (we liked 'em, still do) but not TW except sometimes...  TW would holler, "hey, there's a raisin in my oatmeal" and Dad would turn to him and say, "oh, you only found one?"  He'd put one raisin in TW's bowl every once in a while just to mess with him.  It never got old.  So I had oatmeal today too and put in a raisin for TW.

Remember I said that LC was coming to stay with Grandma (that's me) at work yesterday?  Well, she did and we had a fine time.  She pretty much slept in her monkey, bouncy sling, rocky thing the whole time and I pretty much looked at her.  She slept through me filling a dozen tanks and the UPS guy's delivery.  The mail carrier and a couple customers missed her so she'll have to come again so I get to show her off to more people.  (to his credit, the UPS guy did "awww" satisfyingly)  She stayed for about 3 hours and did very well, needed one diaper change, and a couple trips around the store with her nuk plugged in her kisser and nestled in Grandma's arms.  She can come again, I won't mind.  And the power went out for a few seconds, just long enough to reset the burglar alarm to factory settings which I didn't realize until Mama came to get LC and set the thing off.  LC did not cry, just woke up and frowned.  Do you think I could remember how to shut the thing up?  No, of course not but i called Mrs. Boss at the service seminar and punched buttons until it shut up, then I got out the manual and fixed the $#%&^ thing.  Good thing it isn't connected to the police department, eh?

I did finish crocheting Feb Men's Chemo Hat #2 while she slept and added a few rounds on the Red & Gold Xmas Stocking both in the afternoon and at Friday Night Knitting but I didn't take it's picture.  I cast on Hat #3 for the month (I decided earlier this month that I can make 3 chemo hats/month in 2014 for MW to take to the VA) when I got home from knitting but ended up ripping it out and starting over when it turned out that I can't count.

When I left work just after 7 o'clock it was full dark and the moon was playing peek-a-boo with some clouds.  I couldn't not take a picture.

February 15--France, Two Scenes from "Der Busant"  The tapestry lay rolled up at the back of the storage locker.  Kate had spent the whole day clearing out years and years of Aunt Emilia's things.  There had been trunks of old clothes and boxes of letters and clippings.  Kate had heard of too many people throwing away money and other valuables so she spent hours going through every piece.  She emptied a wooden box and put what she called the "keepers" in it.  There were some old coins and a few paper bills, a few stock certificates, a bit of jewelry, and a medal or two but most of what she found was just junk.  She kept some of the wood furniture but consigned the rest to a resale shop.  She was excited to find Granny's treadle sewing machine and Uncle Elmer's ukulele.  All that was left was a locked armoire and the rolled up tapestry.  She dragged the roll toward the doorway of the storage unit and it began to unroll.  A dried up hand, brown and curled like a winter leaf, flopped out the end and grazed her calf.  Kate screamed and screamed until the gate attendant came running to see what the problem was.  He was the one who called the police.

Since it was Valentine's Day I gave LC the hats I'd made for her.  Good thing, they both just fit.  But look, adorable.  Okay, it's about time to think about putting on my nice jeans and maybe some earrings so we can go out to supper in about an hour.  We might be old and we might be camped in the supper club's parking lot when they open the doors at 5 o'clock but we're going, by god, to share a heart-shaped ribeye tonight.  Yes, we are.  I can't wait and neither can Durwood.  Should be fun.  I'll report.

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Aunt B said...

Oh my goodness -- that sleeping baby in the ribbon hat!!! Should be published worldwide. I thought of you this morning when I drove Paul to the airport. The moon was so pretty shining through some thin clouds. Know you'd have been able to capture it on film. Your picture today was so pretty. P.S. Hope you enjoyed that rib-eye!!