Friday, February 7, 2014

I Got Nothing

Man, I'm sitting here and my mind is a blank.  Well, not a blank exactly because I'm still breathing and I think my heart is beating... yep, beating... and there's a stupid commercial jingle capering around back there somewhere (588-2300 Empire, today!), but that's it.  

I had a couple customers at work yesterday.  One guy wanted to buy a mask with corrective lenses before he leaves on his trip to Panama TODAY (way to plan ahead, guy) and we had a mask and the -8.0 lenses (blind, much?) in stock, but do you think I could install them so that the mask didn't leak?  No, I could not, and I tried and tried and tried, for 45 minutes I tried.  I even grabbed a different mask to see if the first one was the problem but no matter what I did it leaked.  (I think that the lens edges were just too thick for them to fit nicely in the space allowed; they smooshed the silicone skirt funny so it didn't seal, that's what I think)  Finally I had a brainstorm and checked to see if we had -8.0 lenses in the discontinued style mask & changeable lenses, we did, so I fitted him with the mask, popped the lenses in, and BOOM!, got it right the first time.  Of course those were a bit pricier than the once he'd picked out first so I gave him a little discount and got the final price to within twenty bucks of the original.  He was patient and understanding and patient.  A nice guy.

My second customer paid for a pair of fins with one of the new $100 bills.  Have you seen them?  They don't look like American money at all.  They're blue.  Blue!  And there's a shiny strip and other colors--it's very confusing, doesn't look American (gray and green) at all.  Like play money.  But it didn't make a weird color line when I swiped it with the iodine pen so I took it and gave her change.  I know that counterfeiters are more wily so they need to try to stay ahead of them but, really people, BLUE money? 

There were some Olympics on the TV last night but Durwood said they were just no-counting prelims so I didn't plunge into my Ravellenic Games projects.  That'll happen today when the Olympic Games open for real.  Since I'm working on projects already in progress I won't be taking part in the "mass cast-on" but I'll be knitting along just the same.  I spent all day yesterday and most of the evening knitting something onto a hat for LC and after I finished the first one (of two) realized that it was in the wrong place.  You see I wrote "was," that's because I ripped it out this morning.  I'll be redoing it in a few minutes.

February 7--China, Altarpiece Dedicated to Buddha Maitreya.  Diane smelled incense and oranges.  She groped her way down the dark hallway and came out into the bright shrine.  Against the wall was the Buddha looking serene but questioning.  He doubted her motives, Diane could tell.  The clouds of incense obscured her view of the statue and made the light flicker.

And now it's time to go play with yarn.  I might go to Stein's to look at birdbaths.  I might stay in the house and stay warm.  Only time will tell, time and boredom.  Maybe I'll go get us a pizza for lunch.  Maybe I'll do that tomorrow instead.  I have to go out sometime this weekend for soup ingredients because I need soup and fruit for work lunches.  Gotta make soup, it's winter.


Barefoot Maiden said...

Quite clever of you, remembering the older masks :)

Soup sounds delightful, specially home made soup but alas, I have none.

BFayBooks said...

Yo! After church on Sunday (in Stevens Point) I usually poke around a gallery, store, or 2. So last Sunday one of my stops was The Companion Store, so I could get doggie treats of freeze dried turkey breast, for my neighbor's dog. Don't have that here in Waupaca. The Companion Store always has a bowl or 2 of water out for any passing pets, but "always" only in the sense of "when it is above freezing." No bowls out on Sunday! Then I looked across the street and saw the Scuba Shop across the street and I thought of you! Hi, there!

Aunt B said...

That $100 bill does look weird. I didn't know those were out there. Just shows how often I deal with big money!!!