Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Made Two Knitters

Last night at Friday Night Knitting at Harmony Cafe (right next door to Goodwill) a mom and her teenage daughter came in wanting to learn to knit because the daughter had committed to knitting 2 hats for charity and didn't have a clue how, so I got to teach them how to cast on and do the knit stitch.  They only had one pair of needles between them so VS loaned them one; they had two skeins of acrylic (with the bands removed--leave them on, people, and fish the end out of the middle instead of using the outer one, saves on tangles and keeps your yarn from rolling under the couch) one of which I found the inner end of so I loaned them another skein of acrylic and got them both going on a few stitches.  I think they did okay.  They had a "how to" book and I steered them to YouTube which has a bajillion videos that help you learn to knit.  I hope they do okay.  I don't feel like I was attentive enough but maybe they'll do fine.  The mom looked like she'd knitted a bit and the daughter was focused.

I decided to give my fingers a rest for the night by knitting on my sock since I spent the afternoon making one ear bulb on the Ogre hat for LC.  It's a real finger-pain to knit worsted weight yarn on US1 needles but it's necessary to make the ear bulbs stand up.  Idn't it cute?  I'll do the other one later today, show it off at Guild on Thursday and deliver it to my new Valentine on Friday... oh wait, I have to work on Friday so Saturday.  LC's little, she won't know it's not the exact day, and she's too little for chocolates.

I was thinking I'd work on my crocheted chemo hat at Friday Night Knitting but it's pretty dim in that room so working in the dim on black yarn would have been frustrating and a sure path to eye strain.  I'll hook some more on it later today in the sunshine.

Sunshine!  I love sunshine, it's cold out there but it's sunny.  Yay!  I want to take the extra $50 I earned last week to Target to buy a car seat base for my car so I can safely take Miss LC for rides.  Beverly has official tie-downs for car seats in her back end so it'll be safe and secure, nothing like the jerry-rigged system we used when DS & DD were small.  Safety first.

February 8--Georges Seurat, The Mower.  Lila admired the ripple of muscle as Frio swung the scythe through the tall wheat.  The field looked like a golden blanket rippling in the warm autumn winds.  Their farm was too small and too hilly for the big reapers so Frio harvested most of it by hand.  Lucky for them people paid extra for hand harvested grain.

Man oh man, I was tired last night, I got as far as 3 words from the end of that and zonk I was gone.  I vaguely remember taking off my glasses, putting my notebook and pencil on the nightstand, and turning off the light but that's it, no wrist braces (otherwise I sleep with my hands in fists and curled in), no huggy pillow (to ease my shoulder), I just slept and slept well.  I feel a lot better today.  A lot.  Anyway, I'm off to shower and get some things accomplished today.  Hasta la vista, babies.

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