Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm A Lump

Well, I was yesterday anyway.  I got dressed only so I could go over to get some lunch takeout at The Blind Ref, a new place over by Lambeau Field in the old Stadium Bakery.  The owner was interviewed in the paper last week and it intrigued us (well, me) so I zoomed over in the bitter cold wind for an Indian (Native American) taco which is nothing more than a regular taco on fry bread (yum!) instead of a shell and a pulled pork sandwich.  We split them, both were good, I liked the taco the best, Durwood liked the pulled pork best.  They've got deep fried hot dogs on their menu (some of them bacon-wrapped); that's what I'll have next time, I'm a big fan of hot dogs.  Big fan.  The rest of the day I sat on the couch under a blanket.  For some reason I just couldn't get warm after my jaunt outside, so I didn't go to feed the chickens or play with Porter or hold the baby.  Like I said, I'm a lump.

It's still bitter cold, clear and sunny (which I love) and cold (which I don't love), and it looks like it isn't changing anytime soon, but then it is February and I do live in NORTHeastern Wisconsin so I should be used to it by now.  The pharmacy tech and I have a pact that we'll remember how cold we've been this winter and not complain about how hot it is come summer.  We'll see how well that works.  I think complaining's in our DNA.

The only knitting I have to show you is my second run at crocheting an Ugly Bunny for Telaine's Girly.  I started it Friday night but got a couple inches in and realized that it was way bigger than I wanted it to be, so I checked my Ravelry project page of the others I made to discover that I made the "charm" size the first time.  Rip rip rip I went while talking to DD last night, then I rolled the yarn back into a ball, and started again making the smaller size.  Much better.

February 24--Maurice Brazil Prendergast, Two Women Sitting in a Park.  The wind blew the leaves across the grass making Jean think of runners in a footrace.  It was warm in the sun but there was the promise of winter on the wind.  It whipped her coat around her and flipped her hair across her face.  She looked for a place to sit but all of the benches were occupied.  She decided to take her chances and sit with the blue-haired lady clutching her carpet bag on her lap with both hands.  As Jean neared the bench she heard the old woman talking.  "You have to stay down there, Mr. Tibbles, you'll be safe if you do."

In two more Mondays DD will drive home to visit for a week.  Eeee, I'm so excited.  She's excited to meet LC and I'm excited to have my darling girl all to myself for a few days.  Well, Durwood will be here too so he'll get some DD time, especially when I'm at work on Wednesday but she's going to be here where I can hug her and squeeze her and call her... my best baby girl.  Because she is the best girl in my world.  Still and always.  Now I have to go get work-ready because it's Monday and it's payday and it's my day to work.  You stay warm, I'll be the one bundled up and frowning because she's cold.  It might be a red boots day, it's for sure a red sweater day.

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Aunt B said...

Ohhhhh, all that snow piled up. No wonder you were cold! In two more Mondays, I'll be getting ready to fly down to FL for Haley's wedding! Yay!!! Lots to look forward to in March!