Sunday, February 2, 2014


This afternoon I mustered up my guts and took in the armpits of the Khaki Cardi.  It was a harrowing experience but I took my time, measured twice, sewed, and then cut (with my heart in my throat the whole time).  It's so much better feeling on I can't tell you.  It's still too big and it still pulls up in the back but it no longer looks like a Smart Car cozy.  It sure is warm; I should have done this weeks ago and I'd have stayed a lot warmer during the last couple polar vortexes (vortices?).  I'm ready now.

I didn't manage to find time to stop to see LC this week so I toodled on over this morning.  DS told me that she's pretty much grown out of her 3 month size clothes, some of which she hasn't worn (I remember that).  They decided to see how she liked her underwater play mat while I was there.  It was okay, for a minute, then it wasn't, then... Daddy is best.  (but look at the frown she's giving him, looks like she's thinking "and don't let it happen again")  Porter doesn't like it one bit when LC fusses, she gets anxious and paces around trying to get some adult to see about that puppy that isn't happy, and someone usually does.  Wednesday evening is band practice for Daddy and Mama so Grandma (that'd be me) gets to stay with Miss LC.  I promised her a rollicking good time.  She's a month old tomorrow.  Already.  Pretty soon she'll be off to college.

I spent yesterday afternoon tossing my stash, finding WIPs, and the evening looking up patterns to make with the flirtatious yarn that wouldn't stay downstairs another minute.  I was surprised and amazed that I found only 5 WIPs, instead of the dozen I anticipated.  (maybe I'm doing a better job of frogging or finishing)  I've decided to sign up for the Ravellenic Winter Games group over on Ravelry so I chose 3 of the WIPs to enter into the WIPs Dancing category and I also plan to crochet a few men's chemo hats for MW to take to the VA.  I've been falling down on the charity hat production and crocheting them is much faster for me, so I hauled up a skein of black and got cracking last night before bed.  I got a few rounds made.  It's a start.  The Winter Olympics run from Feb. 7 to Feb. 23, I figure I can use them as motivation to get a few more WIPs into the FO (Finished Object) column.  I suggested to the Friday Night Knitters that we all play along.  I'm not sure if anyone's on board but I've signed up and will play by myself.  Not that I mind, you understand, I just thought it'd be fun for the group.

February 2--Central Anatolia, Vessel Terminating in the Forepart of a Stag.  "Take it out."  At first Tom thought Hank had said it but then Steve shoved past him.  Tom grabbed Steve by the shirt.  "No."  He jerked him back into the doorway.  "No, you can't help him and you might mess up clues if you try.  He isn't alive, he's not breathing, and that's too much blood."  Steve's eyes were wide and full of fear.  "Who did this, Tom?  Why Hank?"  Tom pulled his friend out onto the porch.  "I don't know, I just don't know."  He patted his pockets to find his cellphone.  "We gotta call the sheriff."  He tapped the screen, waited, and then tapped again.  "No signal.  Do you have one?"  Steve checked and shook his head.  Tom said, "One of us needs to go for help.  Do you want to or should I?"  "I'll go," Steve said, "I'll go get help.  You stay here with... with Hank."

I just realized that I meant to go to Stein's and look at the on sale birdbaths today.  I'd better go since it's Sunday and there's that football game later.  Happy Groundhog Day, by the way.  Did any of them see their shadow?  Wait, not seeing its shadow is the "early spring" one, right?  Let's hope so or somebody better be having braised Punxatawny Phil for Superbowl supper.  Just saying.

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Aunt B said...

Yes, the khaki cardi is formidable looking. I cannot imagine doing all that knitting and then having to either cut it down or whatever it is you did. But hey, at least it'll keep you warm and that's important up there in the frozen north!!