Thursday, February 6, 2014

Baby Feets

That's what I want to talk about today, baby feets.  I stopped at DS & DIL1's after work to have supper and spend the evening with Miss LC while Daddy & Mama went to band practice.  It was lovely.  While we were eating (spinach & cucumber salad, meatloaf, roasted Brussels sprouts & squash, and roasted potatoes) LC wasn't happy to be ignored so she was fussing.  Daddy picked her up but she wasn't happy with a seated effort so I took her so they could finish their meal and get to practice on time.  (I'm selfless like that.)  She wasn't swaddled, she was in a little bag sleeper with an elastic opening at the bottom and one of her little feet was dangling out.  Porter was very interested in that little dangling footsie, she sat at attention in front of me while I shushed and swooped, ears perked, like she was making sure I was taking care of her baby right.  But that little foot was cold so I tucked her into her swaddle and snuggled her up.  After Daddy & Mama left LC and I had a nice chat about what we're going to do once she's a little bit older, like sing songs and dance and play
outside and take walks, also do crafts and make messes.  She liked that last part a lot.  The best part, well, one of the best parts is that they left a bottle for me to give her.  I got to feed LC all by myself.  She was an enthusiastic participant in the whole thing and once her belly was full she was pretty darned alert so we looked at a doohickey, a toy thing that rattles and has a black and white bullseye on it.  Babies her age like high-contrast.  I laid her in her pack 'n play with it propped on her sleepy sheep and she was very interested for a few minutes.  Of course you understand that she's got the attention span of a gnat right now but it was fun to see how she's changed since last time.  Not quite such a jelly bean anymore, there's a person in there, I can tell.

I missed the sunrise this morning but when I looked at the western sky I saw it had moved over there.  See how the horizon's pale lavender and pink?  Pretty cool, huh?  It's real cold again, clear but cold.  I nearly froze at work yesterday, I'm not sure why.  You'd better bet I'll be even more bundled up today.  I'll care less about fashion and more about layers.  Every time I think I look especially good no one comes in and I freeze my tucchus off.  Not doing that again, people can just deal with me looking like a cross between an Eskimo and the Michelin Man if they want scuba gear. 

February 6--George Luks, Boy with Baseball.  It was torture having to sit on that green bench while the rest of the guys were out playing ball.  Pop had this friend who painted pictures so as a favor he told the old guy he could paint Ladd.  Ladd was the littlest kid in the neighborhood but he had a real baseball, a leather one with the red stitching and everything, so he got in the game.  For three straight days right after breakfast Ladd had to get dressed just so then spend hours sitting absolutely still, have lunch in the corner of the room, go right back to sitting still until the painter said "the light was going," and quit for the day.  Ladd never asked where the old guy thought the light was going, he was just glad to change clothes and get out for a couple innings before full dark.

Allrighty.  I got my audiobook renewed and re-transferred so I can finish listening today. (it was due last night and I wasn't quite done so I was thrilled to be able to renew it)  It's The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society; I read it when it came out a few years ago but I think I'm enjoying listening to it more than I enjoyed reading it.  Or maybe I'm just more in the mood for that kind of book.  I don't know but I recommend it if you haven't read it.  Are you reading anything good?



Barbara said...

Sorry I ended up reposting this but first I realized that I forgot to put the sunrise photo on, then the LC ones got all bollixed up. Fixed now.

Aunt B said...

What a little doll she is. So bright-eyed and adorable. Glad you remembered to get the pictures in! Thanks.