Monday, February 10, 2014

Back Into the Deep Freeze

I zipped out to put my lunches into the car (so I'm not juggling so many bags when I leave for work) and, whoo doggies, it's cold out there.  My little sockless ankles were frizzed by the time I got back inside.  They are now toasty warm in some woolen socks.  (I just heard the weather guy say that the "feels like" temp is -29; that explains it.)

Last week Durwood got some excellent shots of a robin at the birdbath.  I especially like this one where it's looking right at the camera as if to say, "what you looking at?"

I am so excited that we have tentative dates for DD to come for a visit.  I'm already plotting to ask for a couple days off that week (not all the days off, I still want/need a paycheck) but I promise to wait until the dates are solid.  That means I need to go down and sew all my jelly rolls into one loooooong strip so we can spend an afternoon making quilt tops together.  Eeeee!

I got to go see DS & DIL1, oh, and Miss LC and Porter too yesterday afternoon.  (I took soup for the grownups, peels for the chickens, and daffodils for DIL1--like I need an excuse.)  DIL1 told me that I could skip yoga and just stop over to bounce the baby for an hour a day in the late afternoon and be totally exercised for free.  I will say that later last night that my knees and calves were letting me know that maybe an hour of baby bouncing might be too much for them.  Maybe she's right, maybe if I did it more than once a week... I'll study on it.  LC was awake more, in little snatches between catnaps and a little bit of crying.  It's so exciting to see her seeing a bit of her world and even waving her little hands around to try to touch what she's seeing.  She isn't grabbing things yet but she's trying.  It's amazing how much she's changed in 5 weeks.  (d'you think Daddy's proud if his girl?  yeah, I do too.)

Are you watching the Olympics?  We were enthralled with the slopestyle snowboarders and mogul skiers and the ice dancing (did you see that 15 year old Russian girl spin??  amazing! and Putin was there in his team togs looking like a death's head in the stands, not a smile on his face; get a facial expression, Vlad) and I DVR'd the crack of dawn curling broadcasts to watch later.  I need to look up when the bobsled, luge, and skeleton is on; I like those crazy sliding sports.  I'd never do them but I like to watch them.  And I'm boggled by the biathlon where they ski for miles and then stop to target shoot.  How do they stop panting so their shots don't go everywhere except the targets?

I finished LC's ogre hat yesterday but didn't give it to her because I want to show it off at knitting this week.  Couldn't you die from the cute?

I didn't write to the prompt last night.  It was a picture of a table.  I couldn't think of anything clever to write about a fancy table.  I think I'll go make me some oatmeal, warm up my innards for going outside in a couple hours.  Bundle up, people!

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Aunt B said...

Why write about a table when you can write about that darling baby -- and her very proud papa!! And that hat!!!! Can't wait to see it above that sweet face. Wonderful robin picture too!!