Thursday, February 20, 2014

They Named the Coming Ice & Snow Storm After Durwood

He is not amused.  According to Pete on Fox11 we're supposed to get rain/freezing rain about mid-afternoon and then, when everyone gets off work, it's supposed to change to all rain (but the ground's frozen so that means ice) before shifting to snow overnight.  Guess we won't be going to Penzeys and World Market tomorrow to noodle around, buy some spices, and get the winter stink blowed off a bit.  Ah well, maybe we can go next week.  I'd just better be able to go to knitting tomorrow evening, that's all I have to say about that.  Plus Daddy and Mama are planning to drop LC off at knitting for a bit so they can go to a keg-tapping at Hinterland Brewing where their friend is the brewmaster.  I think LC might enjoy being at knitting.

Speaking of LC, Grandma got to babysit last night and it was quite a night.  Mostly LC fussed so mostly Grandma bounced and swooped and shushed.  It was like an exercise class (not that I mind, I can always use the movement).  She had a few intermittent moments of quiet, maybe 5 minutes at a time where she was happy in her vibrating monkey chair but mostly she fussed.  Mama says she's going through a growth spurt, wanting to eat every two hours or more, and I swear she grew an inch since I saw her last Saturday.  It has to hurt and be hard and hungry work to grow that fast, poor little mite.  She seemed happiest when I took her clothes off to change her diaper and change her into her nightgown; I should have left her nekkid or nearly so.  She's funny, she hates hates hates poopy pants, any level of poopy, and one of the times she was fussing I finally got a whiff of the problem.  As soon as I laid her in the bassinet she stopped crying and gave me a look that said, "took you long enough."  One of her quiet times we were looking at her high-contrast bullseye toy and she actually cooed.   She waved her arms and I could see that she was making sounds on purpose, she moved her little mouth and got out a sound or two.  Pretty exciting.  I'd forgotten how every day is a new adventure when they're that size.  Mama and Daddy are such good parents, you can see what a good job they're doing because she's growing so well and is really noticing her world.  In about 4 more weeks I'll get to spend Tuesdays with LC as Mama will be going back to work.  Wow, that time is flying by.  Another big thing I noticed is that Porter is no longer interested when LC cries, she barely raises her head and Mama says that Porter stays in bed for the middle of the night feedings.  I guess dogs can get used to anything.  I'm looking forward to nice weather so I can take Porter and LC for walks.
A fat squirrel leaped onto the suet this morning for a snack.  I don't begrudge them the suet but it drives Durwood crazy.  Keeps him up and down through the day trying to convince them all that suet isn't for them.  Kind of makes me grin just thinking about it.

February 20--Pavel Petrovich Svinin, A Country Residence, Possibly General Moreau's Country House.  Micah hid under the porch.  Rags lay panting in the dirt beside him.  It was cool there in the middle of the day and Sally left him alone because she was afraid of spiders.  Micah never wanted to play school and that's all his big sister ever wanted to play.  He wanted to explore wild places and stalk big game, like Grandad's cows in the pasture down by the stream.

Sorry, guys, that's as far as I got before the Sandman dragged me down into dreamland.  Now I have to go get ready for work.  Shower, brush teeth, dress in layers, blah, blah, blah... oh, but Durwood got blueberry muffins at Festival yesterday, they were on sale.  Suddenly the day looks a little less dull.  Au revoir, mes cheries.

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Aunt B said...

I wondered what that thing was she was sitting in but see now it's the bouncing monkey. So many accessories for babies nowadays.