Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Rainy Day

Good thing I mowed last night after work, not that much of the grass was mowing length, but it's rainy today and that'll make it all grow.  At least by mowing I'll keep us from looking like bums.  We're both looking forward to spending a little time with the girls.  We don't get to stay long, only a couple days, but we'll cram in lots of visiting.  Friday we get to see a run-though of Goodnight Moon at the Lexington Children's Theater where DIL2's the tech director/manager, then go to Keeneland to the races.  We don't know what we'll do on Saturday, probably sightsee, and then find that ramshackle barbecue joint I saw last spring and eat there.  (Oh, I have to remember to put fresh water in Dragon's bowl so I can take him to work.  I figured Mrs. Boss won't mind feeding him while we're gone.  Don't want to come home to a dead fish now, do I?)  I finished up the laundry last night, Durwood had done about 5 loads through the day, and packed.  All that's left is to put my laptop in its bag with the power strip of chargers (I have 4!) and then I'm set.  I think.  It's not as if we'll be gone forever, only 3 nights, so forgotten things aren't the end of the world.  (You can't even see it from here.) When I get home from work all I'll have to do is throw Durwood's O2 tanks, oxygen accumulator, and the bags into the van and off we go.  Slick as cat sh*t on a linoleum floor.  (You and I both know things won't go that smoothly but let's pretend, okay?)  Huh, I ran out of blabber early.  On to the poem...

April 17--Greek Armband with Heracles Knot.

Loop of gold
'twined through another
locked for millennia
like you and me.
Garnets for blood,
emerald's earth,
gold means purity.
Truth of our union
sealed for all time
with red stone,
green stone, and

Sappy, I know, but I gotta tell you I'm stuck on Durwood.  Stuck with and on.  He's my rock.  He makes me feel safe and calm and whole.  What's not to love?  Plus he tolerates and even encourages whatever mania I happen to light on.  This one's for you, Dear.

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