Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Fun & Busy Day

Oh, what fun we had!  I'm warning you up front, there'll be lots of pictures in this post, so just be patient.  DD picked me up early and we stopped at the Visitor Center where we met a lovely lady who gave us maps and CDs for a driving tour (good thing because it's raining right now [Sat. a.m.]).  We walked from LCT to Starbucks and had coffee sitting near Triangle Fountain.  Back to LCT we visited DIL2 in her office, then watched a run-through of their latest production, Goodnight Moon.  It was lovely.

We came back to the motel, got Durwood, and then went to the races.  EEEEEE!  It was a banner day in terms of fun and a not-so banner day in terms of winning bets.  I didn't win one single bet.  Now, understand that I had all of $14 at stake, $2 per race, but still it was exciting and disappointing.  I did manage to bet on horses that finished in the middle most of the time, so I'm getting better.  On our last outing at Keeneland I chose the dead-last horse every single time.  It's a gift.  Maybe if I'd ever patted a horse or knew how to read all those little numbers in the racing form... nah, I'd still bet with my gut and my emotions and leave my two bucks at the track nearly every single time.  Hey, it's cheap fun.  It cost us $10 per person for entrance & a grandstand seat, I spent $7 on popcorn and water and $9 on programs (can't pretend you know what's what without one, makes losing too easy that way), so for $46 plus our bets, usually $2/race, we spent the day out in the beautiful warm Kentucky air and sunshine watching beautiful animals do what they love to do best of all with people we love.  That's not even figuring in the not-inconsiderable entertainment of people watching.  A banner day.

After the races we picked up DIL2 and went to a Nicaraguan restaurant for supper, then to Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt for dessert.  I had mango, pineapple, and coconut with a bit of granola topping.  Durwood said he didn't like frozen yogurt but I noticed that he managed to eat a good bit of mine while holding it for me while I drove.  Not that I minded sharing, of course. (I'd planned for attrition.)  After that we were all pretty tired so we kissed the girls goodnight and planned to start having fun again this morning at 10-ish.  Stay tuned!

I even had a little energy to poem before bed.

April 20--Mary Cassatt, Gathering Fruit.

Tiny hand reaches
for sweetness
Cherry lips
Peach fuzz cheeks
Bright blueberry eyes
Sun-warmed fruit
draws bees tot he orchard
Humming lulls him
to sleep.

Now I have to eat my orange half, then get dressed so we can get a move on.


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