Friday, April 20, 2012

Safe and Sound in the Bluegrass State

We didn't take the time to post yesterday because we hit the road and started pedaling early.  We kept going (except for that 20 minute break while the nice state trooper wrote Durwood a speeding ticket) until we arrived around 5:30.  DD & DIL2 came over and we went to supper at a hibachi restaurant.  Today DD and I are going to a run-through at the children's theater this morning, then we'll gather up Durwood and go to the horse races at Keeneland this afternoon.  This time we were smart and got grandstand seats so we don't have to stand around all afternoon while we bet on the ponies.  Yay!  That means I need to go take my shower and get dressed so here's a bit of poetry to open your eyes (or make you a bit queasy, depending on your perspective)

April 18--Govardhan, Shah Jahan Album.
Jasmine and cedar
wafts from the page
Desert heat radiates
from every leaf
Gold burnished
by fingers' touch
Triangles entwine
captured birds
Black ink traces
Persian verses

See that tree in the sunset?  It's a Wisconsin tree, no leaves.  Today I'll take a picture of a Kentucky tree; they have leaves.  Exit, stage right.


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