Friday, April 13, 2012

Geese Get Up This Early Too

At least I waited until the alarm went off before I rolled out of bed this morning.  I did wake up around 2:30 thinking I heard Porter walking around on the floor.  Nope, she was sleeping until I rudely turned on the light.  We both got back to sleep just fine.  Right now I'm trying to work up the oomph to put on outside shoes and take her for a walk.  I know it'd be good for both of us, really, but it's frosty out there and I don't wanna.  *waah*  Last night Cookie and I went out to Mayflower Greenhouse to plant succulents in things.  She bought a "frame" planter (they had a pile of 'em) with, like, a shadow box backing and chicken wire instead of glass, that you load up with soil and then poke the plants (plugs, they called them) through.  I stopped at Goodwill and bought a pair of dark red, sparkle plastic pumps for $1.99, and I unearthed a McCoy strawberry pot that has killed everything I've planted in it for the last 15 years.  I asked the curly-haired, hunky, Polish greenhouse guy (oh, yum) to drill a drain hole in it (broke my heart) so that these plants have a ghost of a chance of making it.  Afterwards I invited Cookie over for a beer.  I'm not sure I'm allowed to have friends over (she asked), but I'm the mom, at least I'm one of the mom's, so I did it.  Porter barked at her (!), once, and not in a mean voice, but by the end of the hour she was rubbing herself on Cookie's legs and shamelessly flirting with her.  Tramp.  I ended my exciting evening by falling asleep in the couch watching Blue Planet (eep, how did that happen?) so I went to bed at 9:30, turning out the light around 10.  Porty didn't mind, she likes going to bed "early."  Now if I can only convince Penny to stop eating her egg when she lays it, life will be good.  Or good-ish.  (hey, I'm trying to perk up, really I am)  I'm sure if I had a bit of that Mega Millions moolah they handed out last week, I'd be much happier.  Or I could be cranky in a better location, that's it, because you know your mood follows you.  Relocation isn't magic.  I will be happier next week at this time.  Guaranteed.  I'll have spent a day driving to Lexington, KY with Durwood (always a good time) and be facing an entire day with DD.  *sigh* It's a tough job but I'm up for it.  There'll probably be barbecue involved too but no Hot Brown.  Never again.  I know it's not the real cause, but the last time I had one my gall bladder decided to rebel and I ended up spending the night in the ER and the rest of the visit on hydrocodone.  (yeehaw)  Not anyone's idea of a relaxing weekend.  Okay, okay, Porter, we'll walk.  Just let me get my poem typed and we'll walk.  Sheesh, kids.

April 12--Sevres Manufactory, Teapot.

What tales it could tell
that Teapot
always seemed to have
its own agenda
that Sevres Teapot
Grandmama wielded it
like a jousting lance
that Teapot
symbol of ceremony 
held callers in place
white paste porcelain glue
that fancy Teapot
held them so she could
run them through
silver Teapot handle flashing
oh so properly

Interesting, a teapot as a weapon.  My kind of juxtaposition.  Adios, muchachas.  Off to walk the dawg.  (gotta practice my Kentucky accent)


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Aunt B said...

Love the ruby slippers!! You do have an artful eye!