Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Reunion of Tae Kwon Do Women

Way back in the dawn of recorded time (1994 or so) DS and then DD took Tae Kwon Do.  Because they didn't start at the same time they weren't in the same class.  Neither of them drove then either so I was sitting for 2 straight hours at the dojo reading a book or staring into space.  The sensei had an offer for 3 intro classes plus a dobok (uniform) for $25.  I figured, what the heck, so I signed up--and enjoyed it.  There were a few other adult women taking TKD there at the time and the four of us held each other up, kept each other going, watched each others' kids grow.  Time passed, interests changed, a divorce happened, we drifted apart, until JC contacted us all a few years back inviting us to her place for shared Subway subs and a couple hours of catching up.  Our kids are all grown, married, and scattered but it's still fun to get together every so often.  That's happening at LL's today around lunchtime.  I told DD about it, mentioning that SL is a married woman living in Alaska.  She looked stunned saying, "you mean, little SL..." holding her hand at ear-level.  "Yep," I told her, laughing inside that DD grew up but she expected another kid to stay the same.  Funny how that works.  I spent 2 blissful hours down in the sewing studio yesterday afternoon and then went to yoga & knitting night.  Ahh, a lovely day.  I hope yours was as satisfying.  Speaking of time flying, I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that it's been a week already since we were in Lexington.  I wish I could go into my internal hard drive and dial back the "perception of time" setting; it's running a little fast.  Oh, hey, we read in the paper today that UW-Madison's Geoscience building has a hawk nest on a ledge.  They've set up a webcam and you can see the downy chicks and the parents feeding and caring for them--live.  Coolest thing this Spring.  Now that the sturgeon cam's off the air, that is.

April 27--Egypt, Gazelle.

Lush folds of dunes
gather round the delta
life's blood
fresh water
tool of farmers
guardian of Egypt
highway, food store,
flowing South to North
combing papyrus
on its banks,
growing crocodiles
to keep the peace

Sometimes I like the words that come when I keep dozing off in mid-write.  This might be one of those times.

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