Monday, April 23, 2012

Back Home *sigh*

It was a fun weekend, a whirlwind weekend, and now I'm back to reality, but hopefully Reality ver. 2.0.  I awoke before the alarm (gotta love changing time zones) and did 13 minutes of balance games on the Wii with a little Rhythm Band for dessert.  I'm at the age when my eye-hand-foot coordination has gone to sh*t so I need to remember to exercise that too.  So I did.  I even did a few "runs" on the Ski Jump.  I suck at the Ski Jump.  Most of the time I'm the one making the big snowball at the bottom of the ramp, but one of the three times I played it, ONCE, I managed to stay on my skis for both jumps.  I barely qualified as an amateur but at least I was upright at the end of both jumps.  That's something.  On Friday, I got to spend a few precious minutes with my beloved DD, walking for coffee and then drinking it near a fountain; those times were the best.  I really needed to spend time with her; turns out she needed me too.  It was a set.  Not that we didn't love having Durwood and DIL2 along the rest of the time, we did, we just needed that little mother/daughter time to recharge some part of us, one that I didn't realize had gotten so so empty.  I bought a coffee mug, a Blue Horse coffee mug from a lovely lady at the Visitor center that I will use to recall that small but precious moment from last weekend.  (Oh, I really love my DD.  Really.  So much it chokes me up.  She's my best baby girl.)  Both Durwood and I came home with renewed intentions to get ourselves in order.  He says he's unlimbering the stationary bike today (I have to declutter its area) and I'm going to start saying no to some things.  I need to get back to my center, need to fill up my well, need to make our home more serene and myself along with it.  I have plans.  (more later)  It was a long, windy drive home yesterday, made even longer by our initial hour spent circling Lexington (on New Circle Road, thank god) when we tried to combine Robert the TomTom's instructions and the AAA Triptik.  After 45 minutes I called DD and she set us on the right road, and essentially back to where we'd started.  It took me a few miles and a call to a friend to stop beating myself up over being a bad navigator (one of the things I need to work on, that self-recrimination) but I got my head on straight(er) and on we went.  I took my turns driving, in fact I drove from the second Chicago toll all the way home, which is a long drive for me.  I did have to stop to pee twice (I swear I'll have peed in every toilet on the planet by the time I'm dead, and twice we stopped in Indiana and the same 2 women were there peeing too.  I told Durwood that I was glad I'm not the only woman with an 80-mile tank.) but that gave us both a chance to get up and stretch our legs.  I was running in place at a Mickey D's in Sheboygan (hi, AJ, K & CA!) when a guy came out, a young guy, with his food and grinned at me.  I said, "long day driving" and he said, "yep."  We had a moment.  He was cute.  We got home around 7:30, unloaded, I sauteed some onions, peppers, and 'shrooms, dumped in a jar of sauce (Rinaldi Tomato, Garlic & Onion--not bad with a bit of basil and thyme added), cooked up some penne rigati and called it supper.  It was good.  There was a paucity (look it up) of veggies in the weekend's meals so a bowl of little but tasted great.  And I'd lost a pound since last Wednesday AM which was the last time I did a Body Test on the Wii.  Yay!  I keep trying to convince myself that my goal is to be fit & healthy.  Horseshit.  Let's get real; it's all about the number on the scale.  That sucks, but there it is.  I'm going to keep working to change that.

April 22--Mesopotamia, Standing Male Worshiper.

South to North
(a circle to start)
across the Ohio
up through green hills
past the fields where the wind grows
his turn, then mine
his, then mine
Five states in ten hours
the change from
Mom back to wife
is a much harder transition.

I realized that April's winding down and I won't "have" to write a poem every day.  I can't decide if I'll miss it or not.  It's strange but I just realized that the blabber before has become more important than the writing after.  What a pity.  Maybe not.  Have a day--and it's payday.  Whoop!


Ann said...

I was glad to have that time with you, too, Mom. Love you!

Aunt B said...

That mother-daughter link is so special. So glad you got some time alone with her. I hear you on the choking up bit. Sometimes it just happens! XXXXX